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Top 25 Affiliate Marketing WordPress Plugins

If you have set up an affiliate website with WordPress, you should install utility WordPress plugins, which will make affiliate marketing easier for you. These specific Affiliate Marketing WordPress Plugins are easy to set up on a site and manageable.

If you want more visitors to hit your affiliate site, then you have to organize your affiliate forum in a convenient way, so that visitors obtain a satisfactory browsing experience on your site.

Top affiliate marketing WordPress plugins:

WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates

WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates

View Plugin

Generate money from your eCommerce store by applying this WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates plugin. The onsite cart option will let your customers to browse through multiple products available on the Amazon.

The advanced search module will let users to search for products by categories, sub categories and keywords. Through the CSV module, users can import large number of products available on the Amazon website.

Affiliates Share

Affiliates Share

This WordPress based plugin will make content sharing bit easier for all your affiliates. The members who have registered with your affiliate program can share all your product and services information through their affiliate links such that it reaches more number of people. This plug-in is compatible with WP eCommerce, WooCommerce and JigoShop plugins.

LinkShare eStore Affiliates Plugin

LinkShare eStore

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With this plugin, you can become an affiliate to Linkshare eStore, the world’s large affiliate network. Create a store on your website that features products of all popular companies like Apple and Dell etc.

This plugin even enables an image gallery where you can place the products along with their complete details. The store owners are provided with a special option to import the products from any worldwide stores.

123Linkit Affiliate Marketing Tool

123Linkit Affiliate Marketing Tool plugin

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The 123Linkit affiliate WordPress plugin modernizes the affiliate marketing procedure by converting brand tags and keywords of products into utility affiliate links.

Skimlinks Affiliate Marketing Tool

Skimlinks Affiliate Marketing ToolView Plug-in

Skimlinks affiliate WordPress plugin is a highly technical WordPress plugin. It transforms existing products and service links in site content into their corresponding affiliate links.

YieldKit Affiliate Marketing

YieldKit Affiliate MarketingView Plug-in

YieldKit is a broad meta affiliate marketing network through which you may access over a thousand partner programs.


Affiliates pluginView Plug-in

Affiliates is a utility WordPress plugin that provides a wide variety of tools to organize and manage an easy affiliate marketing program.

PG Simple Affiliate Shop

PG Simple Affiliate ShopView Plug-in

PG Simple Affiliate Shop organizes a simple store on your affiliate marketing blog or website for managing services and products’ reviews with customization. This affiliate plugin also facilitates implementation of banner advertisements.

Affiliate Hoover

Affiliate Hoover pluginView Plug-in

Affiliate Hoover allows a user to parse and upload CSV feeds provided by affiliate marketing organizations.

Easy Affiliate

Easy Affiliate pluginView Plug-in

Easy Affiliate lets you earn cash easily through affiliate marketing. This plugin converts all links on the site into affiliate links.

iTunes Affiliate Pro

iTunes Affiliate ProView Plug-in

iTunes Affiliate Prof frees you of the requirement to establish LinkShare affiliate links within your site’s folios.

Affiliates Jigoshop Integration Light

Affiliates Jigoshop Integration LightView Plug-in

Affiliates Jigoshop is a utility e-commerce and affiliate marketing plugin. This plugin forms referrals automatically when sales are initiated.

Affiliates WooCommerce Integration Light

Affiliates WooCommerce Integration LightView Plug-in

The Affiliates WooCommerce Integration Light plugin incorporates affiliates with the WooCommerce tool. WooCommerce features high quality specs.

Amazon Affiliate Link Localizer

Amazon Affiliate Link Localizer

Amazon Affiliate Link localizer plugin alters your site’s Amazon links in order to utilize your affiliate ID but also converts link-to-point to local Amazon shop.

SellFire Affiliate Store Builder

SellFire Affiliate Store Builder pluginView Plug-in

The SellFire Affiliate Store Builder facilitates affiliates to integrate product advertisements into their site.

Affiliate Link Cloaker

Affiliate Link Cloaker pluginView Plug-in

The Affiliate Link Cloaker develops geo targeted covered affiliate links. These affiliate links can be positioned into site’s content manually in case, a phrase/keyword is defined.

Prosperent Suite

Prosperent Suite pluginView Plug-in

The Prosperent Suite affiliate WordPress plugin features utility specs like product search tool, auto-linker, performance ads and auto-comparer.


PalTip pluginView Plug-in

The PalTip WordPress affiliate plugin locates all relevant links you have posted on your blog/site and transforms these into PalTip affiliate links.

Money Maker

Money Maker pluginView Plug-in

The Money Maker is a useful WordPress plugin that converts all kinks posted at a site into customized affiliate links.

Fashion Traffic

Fashion Traffic pluginView Plug-in

The Fashion traffic affiliate WordPress plugin is an extension, which lets you browse through and add affiliated products from Fashion Traffic website.

Amazon Auto Links

Amazon Auto Links pluginView Plug-in

Amazon Auto Links will automatically display recent products brought out by Amazon on your site and you just need to specify the category at Amazon.

ShowSpace Product Widgets

ShowSpace Product Widgets pluginView Plug-in

ShowSpace Product Widgets lets you gather products effortlessly from over the internet and showcase these on your site.

EBay Feeds for WordPress

EBay Feeds for WordPress pluginView Plug-in

The EBay Feeds for WordPress allows you to fetch feeds from EBay Partner Network and place them on your affiliate site.

Alfie-Feed Plugin

Alfie-Feed Plugin

View Plug-in

ClickBank Press

ClickBank Press pluginView Plug-in

AvantLink WP

AvantLink WP pluginView Plug-in

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