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7 Best WordPress Classifieds Plugins

These WordPress classifieds plugins will extend the functionality of your blog and turn it into a full-blown classified ads website. There are several WordPress plugins available on the internet that meets your business requirements.

Many of the plugins help users in keeping the items organized and it further enhances their revenue by displaying items of different types in a striking way. Pick anyone classified plugin from the below list to launch a classified website and to gain good popularity in the current booming classified industry.

Roo Classifieds

Roo Classifieds Plugin

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This Roo Classifieds WordPress plugin serves as a right solution for your classifieds business. From the plugin’s feature rich control panel, users can administer every single element of the classifieds page. This plugin utilizes custom post types and variety of taxonomies to build a classifieds system on the website. Manually the classifieds ads can be placed at any position on the website through the shortcode tags.


Classyfrieds Plugin

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This plugin utilizes the WP native functions like customs posts and taxonomies to add an extensive classifieds system onto the website. The site users can either choose or craft new layouts for the classified system to make it look better. This plugin integrates with variety of WordPress plugins add classifieds functionality and existing widgets on the website.


wp-classified Plugin

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WP-Classified, it’s a simple and dynamic WordPress plugin that inserts a clean looking advertising blackboard or a classified page on your WordPress blog. On the classifieds page, the site users can list classifieds related to different businesses. This plugin works fine with advanced WordPress versions and even the earlier versions.

Another WordPress Classifieds

Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin

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This plugin provides some great options to the site users through which they generate revenue for their business and have a great customer interaction. Once the plugin is set up, it quickly adds a classified ads section to the WordPress website. All the visitors can search for their required classifieds by either entering the city, state, username or keyword.

You require to add classifieds WordPress plugin to your blog or website and this Classifieds plugin is a perfect one that you have been looking for. By default, the plugin adds a standalone page through which users can buy or sell goods. With this Classifieds plugin, the site administrators can simply transform their ordinary blog or a BuddyPress website into eBay type website.


Bepro Listings

Bepro Listings Plugin

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To list anything available on the website including images, text and videos, install this Bepro Directory Listing plugin powered by WordPress. Every registered member of the website can place their business products and services on some special pages and can even set the plugin to display only videos. By enabling the BuddyPress option, you can provide all your members with full administrative rights to control their listings.

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