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Skimlinks is a plugin that aids in monetizing the content conveniently by just converting the links of products in your post into corresponding associate connections. Skimlinks makes it very easy to do affiliate marketing. It works from the back and earns you incentives from the important links which you add up in the posts0.

Based on vast experience by working with different varieties of blogs, this plugin helps you in the conversion of the present merchandise links in content into the corresponding associate link. It can be conveniently installed. You can include the Skimlinks plugin and immediately benefit from the unused links on your blog.

You can easily integrate the Skimlinks and Skimwords. You can conveniently manage the Skimlinks stuff that you utilize from the publisher interface. You have the option to earn from the RSS feed. You can benefit from your blog if users press the exterior link in the RSS feed. These Skimlinks involuntarily convert them into associate links. From affiliate marketing, with the help of Skimlinks you have the option to make more money.

We have already worked with 8,000 business men and with this experience can convert more links into their corresponding affiliate link and with this you will make more money. There is no need for any administration. You can concentrate on the creation of good matter and relate to business commodities and we will create and maintain the affiliate links for you. The links are turned into associate connections only when the links are clicked. Users do not suspect them.

It is a download version of 1.2.1 and compatible to WordPress up to 3.4.1. For installation, you need to be a publisher with Skimlinks and you should input your ID. You can register at skimlinks.com. Now you can upload the Skimlinks folder to plugins directory. Through ‘Plugins’ WordPress menu, you can activate the plugin.

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