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Top RSS Feed WordPress Plugins

It’s very important to keep your website visitors updated on the latest addition to your blog or website. And what better way there is to do it than with an effective RSS plugin. RSS plugins will constantly fetch information and latest updates from your website and other links and publish it via RSS.

This will effectively keep your visitors updated and will also improve the traffic flow to your blog as well.  Here are the top RSS feed WordPress plugins to help you experience the power of RSS.

RSS Import

RSS Import plugin

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 This effective RSS feed will automatically fetch updates from other websites and links and post RSS feeds on your blog. Publish your feeds as PHP, widgets or sidebars using this amazing plugin and customize it display the exact content you wanted to publish. Use MagPie or SimplePie for parsing feeds from RSS.

KB Advanced RSS widget

KB Advanced RSS widget plugin

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The stock RSS widget installed in you WordPress theme provide minimal to none customization features for your RSS plugin. You can have absolutely no control on how your feed will be displayed. But using the KB advanced RSS widget you can completely customize and manage your RSS feeds.

Simple RSS fetcher

Simple RSS fetcher

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 This easy-to-use RSS feed subscribe plugin will make displaying your RSS feeds, a walk in the park. The simple yet effective plugin will fetch info and latest updates from the provided links and will display it on your blog with ease. You can customize and manage this plugin very easily and it requires no extra files as well.


Tweetmeme plugins

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This popular widget RSS plugin has all the essential features to keep your blog up and running and keep your readers engaged on to your website. The plugin will actively re-tweet your popular posts and keep your viewers updated. This effective button will ensure maximum traffic to your blog, and will also monitor the number of time the post has been re-tweeted.

Super RSS widget

Super RSS widget plugin

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This cool plugin is truly the super widget in the RSS world. This amazing widget can monitor, fetch and publish your posts and also display posts from other websites effectively in a neatly arranged tab display. The widget is completely customizable and multiple links from different feeds can be added to a single widget effortlessly. Also manage and change the looks of your widget using easy customization buttons.

RSS manager

RSS manager plugin

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This essential widget plugin provides great control on to how your RSS feeds need to be displayed. It has an easy-to-use administrative panel which enables you to make changes to the RSS feeds and lets you filter content and display them on your permission.

Twitter Widget Pro

Twitter Widget Pro plugin

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This essential widget plugin comprises all the necessary features required for a RSS plugin and also avoids all the pitfalls of its predecessors. It can easily and effectively fetch twitter tweets and can monitor and control what tweets to be displayed on your blog automatically using intelligent select systems. Also control the display of your twitter feeds using this plugin.

WP RSS multi importer

WP RSS multi importer plugin

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This smart little plugin lets you control, import, merge and manage your RSS feeds in a simple yet powerful administration panel and lets you control the way in which they look as well. Also it has custom build 8 different templates for you to choose from as well.

RSS Just better

RSS Just better plugin

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Fetch tags from multiple links, edit and display given list of feed items and even select a cache recreation frequency using this smart plugin. It enables you to control the number of feeds to be displayed and the date they have to be displayed as well.

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