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Top 30 Jigoshop WordPress Plugins

Jigoshop plugins are developed to transform your simple WordPress site to a powerful eCommerce shop website. In this post, you will find premium and free Jigoshop plugins that can be easily setup to extend the functionality of the website.

These plugins are equipped with payment gateways and multiple tax settings. It helps you manage catalogs, reports, inventory, stocks and shipping rates with ease. The product images will be opened in new tab and it even enables customers to zoom or magnify the images to have a better view.

Without any further delay, check out the Top 25 Jigoshop WordPress Plugins for improving the store performance.


This eCommerce plugin comes packed with powerful features to enhance the functionality of your online store site. You can have real-time insight of your store performance by using different reporting features.

Jigoshop plugin allows you to setup your own site including catalog options, currency, country, payment gateways, shipping, stock management and unlimited tax settings within a matter of few minutes.


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Jigoshop – Store Exporter

This plugin is designed to export the online store information from Jigoshop to simple files. The information can be stored in the simple formatted files such as CSV, XML, TXT and so on.

Jigoshop plugin is compatible with All in One SEO Pack, WordPress SEO, Product Importer Deluxe, Advanced Google Product Feed, Per Product Pricing, Ultimate SEO etc.

jigoshop store exporter

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Jigoshop – Store Toolkit

This plugin is especially designed for web developers and store maintainers. It supports clearing of Jigoshop store records and WordPress records successfully.

Store Toolkit plugin comes equipped with a set of Jigoshop administration, maintenance and debugging tools like order meta Widget, All in One SEO WordPress plugin Pack, product meta widget, file download authorization widget and Jigoshop dashboard widgets.

jigoshop store toolkit

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MailPoet Jigoshop Add-on

MailPoet Jigoshop Add-on plugin helps you add a checkbox on the checkout page of your online store site. Customers can easily subscribe to the MailPoet newsletters.

It is localization ready for translating the content to English, Turkish and Armenian languages. If you encounter any issue with this plugin, then the extensive documentation can come in handy.

mailpoet jigoshop add on

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Jigoshop Products

Jigoshop Products is an elegant plugin designed for those users who wish to integrate shopping cart with Facebook page. This plugin allows you to showcase different Jigoshop products on your Facebook profile.

You can craft various Facebook page tabs for different product categories. It enables customers to add desired products from Facebook page to the cart and then complete the checkout process from your site.

jigoshop products

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Price: $16.00


Table Rate Shipping

This plugin allows you to add multiple rates to customers based on their conditions. Table Rate Shipping plugin enables you to even create zones for different states, countries and postal codes.

Important features of this plugin are cart subtotal, item shipping class, price, weight and shipping destination. It is WPML compatible for translating the plugin to any known language.

table rate shipping

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Price: $22.00


QuickBooks(Intuit) Payment Gateway

This plugin is designed to help users accept credit cards with an alternate solution for their small businesses. You can accept credit card payments through your site with the help of this QuickBooks Payment Gateway plugin.

This plugin is compatible with the modern version of WordPress. Make your site SSL enabled by using the cURL on your hosting account.

quickbook (Intuit) payment gateway

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Price: $39.00


Network Merchants Inc Payment Gateway

Network Merchants Inc Payment Gateway plugin is especially designed for processing transactions in the real time scenario.

This plugin allows you to easily accept payments without worrying much about the credit card details. You need to install the SSL certificate on this gateway.

network merchants inc payment gateway

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Price: $39.00


Gateway Fees

It’s a simple WordPress plugin that works well from Jigoshop 1.6 version onwards. This plugin is designed to help you add order total or gateway fees to your website.

Install this plugin successfully onto your site by purchasing it at a reasonable price. You can compute the fees in fixed amount or in percentage mode or by pairing the both combinations.

gateway fees

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Price: $29.00


Paymill Gateway

This plugin is suitable for those business owners who provide services to their clients. Paymill Gateway plugin is designed to endow website owners with a pioneering payment solution by allowing them to accept Credit Card payments through the website.

It is tested to run well with the modern version of WordPress. Start selling your products instantly without any monthly costs.

paymill gateway

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Price: $29.00


SagePay Form Gateway

If you are on look out for a perfect plugin to initiate online payment process for your site then this WordPress plugin might be the one for you to consider. You can easily setup and integrate this SagePay plugin within a matter of few minutes.

It doesn’t collect nor store any sensitive data and neither transfers them to other source. This plugin helps you accept SagePay payments without any need to invest high-level PCI DSS compliances or maintenance of encrypted databases.

sagepay form gateway

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Price: $39.00


Jigoshop Social Login

Jigoshop Social Login is a feature rich and latest WordPress plugin from Code Canyon. You can place social login buttons on any web page by using the simple shortcode.

This plugin generates Pie graphs for Social Networks Register Percentage and allows you to multiple signups for different social channels. You can easily manage and configure the plugin with the help of user friendly admin interface.

jigoshop social login View Demo Download

Price: $49.00


CommWeb JigoShop Payment Gateway

It’s a powerful plugin that could be easily installed and configured onto the WordPress site. This plugin integrates Commonwealth Bank Payment Gateway to the online store website for accepting payments from international clients.

This plugin offers premium support to the users for solving their queries. It allows you to enter AccesCode, MerchantId, Secure Secret and Card Security Number (CSC) optionally.

commweb jigoshop payment gateway

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Price: $29.00

Jigoshop Credimax

If you are in search of a best WordPress plugin to extend Jigoshop payment gateway then this plugin would be an ideal solution. You can easily install this plugin for free and configure it accordingly to view your new payment gateway.

Jigoshop Credimax plugin is designed to expand the Jigoshop payment gateway by adding it to the Credimax Payment Gateway.

jigoshop credimax

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Mijireh Checkout

This plugin allows you to accept payments by providing your customers a seamless checkout process in a secure way. It carefully handles and collects and transmits the credit card information by securely hosting the SSL on servers.

Download this plugin for free to offer remarkable check out page experience. You don’t have to customize the plugin since it’s carefully automated.

mijireh checkout

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WorldPay XML Direct Gateway

This plugin is designed to help website owners accept credit card and debit card payments in multiple currencies from their online store website. WorldPay XML Direct Gateway acts as a payment service provider for businesses of various sizes.

This plugin allows you to confine the data related to the payment transactions and send it for processing by making use of the WorldPay’s hosted payment pages.

worldpay XML direct gateway

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Price: $39.00


Innovative Payment Gateway

This powerful WordPress plugin is designed to help business owners accept overheads by supporting different payment types such as American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Diner’s Club and JCB.

Innovative Payment Gateway comes up with some powerful fraud screening tools to protect your site from deceptive transactions. The transaction details and payment data of your customers are well secured and protected.

innovative payment gateway

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Google Checkout

It’s a fully functional gateway plugin mainly designed to help customers complete the checkout process in a more secure and protected manner. This plugin allows users to make use of the Google Checkout account for completing transactions by simply using a single username and password.

Customers don’t have to create new accounts on every purchase instead use the same account and view the full purchase history with different sellers.

google checkout

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Price: $49.00


Jigoshop QuickBooks Integration

Jigoshop QuickBooks Integration plugin is designed to sync inventory on-hand, orders and pricing between your Jigoshop online store and QuickBooks software automatically.

Customer’s orders are sent to the QuickBooks in the form of invoices, payments, sales orders or receipts. This plugin minimizes the entry errors and saves you from manually entering the inventory counts.

jigoshop quickbooks integration

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Official UPS Shipping

Official UPS Shipping is a premium WordPress plugin that provides correct shipping rates for more than 200 countries and territories from all over the world.

This plugin uses the official UPS API thus convincing your customers to trust on the product delivery. It features a gold and brown UPS logo and grants you with real time shipping rates in an accurate manner.

official UPS shipping

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Price: $49.00


Jigoshop Product Enquiry Form

If you want to display contact forms on your products then Jigoshop Product Enquiry Form plugin can come in handy. This plugin enables you to filter and answer the questions placed over the products to improve your sales revenue.

It even includes a reCaptcha field to help website owners filter out spam or public email addresses. Customer data comprising of name, email address and enquiry are directly sent to a specific email address.

jigoshop product enquiry form

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Price: $29.00


Affiliates Jigoshop Integration Light

If you are in search of a best plugin to integrate affiliates with Jigoshop then this plugin will be the one for you to reckon. Start selling your products by installing and setting up this plugin in your online shop site.

Affiliates Jigoshop Integration Light plugin creates referrals automatically for the affiliates whenever any sale is done. You can even set your own commission or referral rate to provide affiliate websites with a certain percentage based on the total net amount.

affiliates jigoshop integration light

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Jigoshop CSV Importer

Jigoshop CSV Importer plugin is especially designed to help website owners import products or items to their Jigoshop store website.

This plugin makes use of the Jigoshop CSV Importer for proper importing of various types of products including product variations like tags, description, price, SKU, hierarchical category structures and thumbnail. You can even import images through local file path or URL.

jigoshop CSV importer

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Jigoshop Mini Cart

Jigoshop Mini Cart is mainly designed for adding small version of Jigoshop cart feature to the online store website. Start selling products online by simply installing and configuring the plugin for free.

You don’t have to use any widgets instead check that the Jigoshop is installed into your site. This plugin is compatible with the latest released version of WordPress.

jigoshop mini cart

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Jigoshop Photos Product Tab

This powerful and feature rich WordPress plugin helps you showcase product images in a new tab. Website owners can make use of the lightbox and even select the image ranging from thumbnail to full size for displaying it on the website.

Jigoshop Photos Product Tab plugin is localization ready for translating the content to other languages.

jigoshop photos product tab

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