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Top 20 Cache WordPress Plugins

In this post, we have come up with some free and premium cache WordPress plugins to improve the loading time of the web pages. WordPress Cache plugins aim to optimize the website in an effective manner.

Every time when a visitor lands on the webpage it sends request for JavaScript, CSS, images, gzip compression etc to view data from the web host server and to retrieve information from the database. Hence, to reduce the response time and server resources, it generates static HTML files or cached queries and delivers it to the website visitors for decreasing the cpu loading time.

Install any of these WordPress plugins to boost the performance and speed of the site. It also provides a great user experience ultimately allowing several visitors to access your site.

Take a look at the below listed Top 20 Cache WordPress Plugins for integrating it into your site.

W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache is an ultimate WordPress plugin designed to provide a great user experience by optimizing the site. This plugin reduces the download times thus enhancing the server performance. It is compatible with dedicated or virtual private servers and clusters.

Install this plugin to improve the overall performance of the website including conversion rates on Google search engine. It sustains the high traffic periods and renders data quickly to let visitors view more number of web pages.

W3 total cache

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WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache plugin is designed to generate static HTML files for your WordPress website. These static files will be served to those users who don’t have access to password protected posts and users who did not leave any comment for the post and rest who didn’t login into the site.

Visitors landing up on the site will never experience any slowdown even if server is underpowered or faces huge traffic. This plugin is compatible with the latest released version of WordPress.

wp super cache

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WP Fastest Cache

As the name suggests, it’s the simplest and fastest cache system available in the market. Users can easily setup and configure this plugin automatically without modifying the .htaccess file.

WP Fastest Cache plugin is designed to create static HTML files from WordPress website rather than rendering PHP and mySQL files. It allows administrator to remove all cached files and block cache for certain posts and pages.

wp fastest cache

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Quick Cache

If you are in search of a best WordPress plugin for providing reliable page caching for your WordPress site then Quick Cache plugin will be the one for you to consider. This plugin can be easily setup onto the by making use of detailed documentation.

It allows you to set an expiry time for cache files automatically. Quick Cache plugin includes easy to use features like client side caching, caching 404 requests and RSS, RDF and Atom Feed caching.

quick cache

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Hyper Cache

It’s a flexible WordPress plugin especially designed for those websites with low hosting provider resources. Users can easily install this plugin onto their website without worrying about the coding part. And configure it to suit their needs.

This plugin is tested to run well on the modern version of WordPress. It also works well with hosting that is based on Microsoft IIS.

hyper cache

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AIO Cache

AIO Cache is a powerful WordPress plugin that could be installed in a simple and quick way. This plugin is suitable for increasing the response time and performance of the website. You don’t have to configure this plugin unlike other performance cache plugins.

This plugin features simple static resources, JavaScripts to footer, simple page, file caching and simple GZip and deflate compression.

AIO cache
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It’s a free WordPress plugin designed to improve the performance of the website 50 times more faster. Wordfence plugin includes two factor authentication, firewall and two caching modes.

If you face any query then the official documentation as well as the frequently asked questions will help you with the plugin’s installation and configuration. This plugin even makes your site secure by blocking the attackers whenever there is an attack.


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Gator Cache

This WordPress plugin is designed to help users with easy management of page cache. Gator Cache plugin updates the latest content automatically in the cache to keep your site fresh.

It’s one of the best and fastest page cache WordPress plugin available in the market. This plugin is compatible with JetPack Mobile Site, WooCommerce, WordPress HTTPS, bbPress and WordPress multisite plugins.

gator cache

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Easy cache

As the name signifies, it’s an easy to use WordPress plugin designed for speeding up the blog and improving the user experience.

This plugin takes screenshots of posts, pages, links, categories and so on in real time and saves them to any particular folder. These screenshots will be referred and served to the readers for saving the processing time of the database.

easy cache

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If you are in search of a light weight and fastest cache WordPress plugin for your site then this plugin will be the perfect choice. Users can easily install this plugin by uploading it to the directory and activating the plugin effortlessly.

This plugin is tested to work well with the latest version of WordPress. It can be configured from the WP-Cache.com admin menu.

wp cachecom

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Alpha Cache

Alpha Cache is a simple WordPress plugin that cache the web page requests and stores the static HTML code in the database to serve visitors rather than processing the pricey WordPress PHP scripts.

This plugin allows you to define the list of users who don’t want to be cached or enable cache only for specific users. You can even set flags to process the requests and place filters by creating some expression patterns for excluding the URLs from being cached.

alpha cache

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Hyper Cache Extended

It’s a flexible WordPress plugin especially designed for those people who have their blog sites based on low hosting provider resources such as cpu or mysql. You can easily configure this plugin and it integrates perfectly with other WordPress plugins.

Visitors can access your site from any mobile device since it supports wp-pda plugin. Hyper Cache Extended plugin is tested to run well with hosting based on Microsoft IIS by simply tuning its configuration. It minimizes the disk usage with its auto clan system.

hyper cache extended

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WP Rocket

It’s one of the best WordPress plugin designed for improving the loading time of the site thus increasing the conversion rate of the site on various search engines. This plugin is developer friendly paving way for advanced custom development as it features well commented code.

WP Rocket plugin features cache preloading to advance the indexing of the sites quickly. This plugin compresses the HTML, JavaScript and CSS files for faster loading time.

wp rocket

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Fresh Performance Cache

This modern WordPress plugin is mainly developed for boosting the performance and page speed of the website. Key features of this plugin are small footprint, white label admin, native one click updates and gzip compression techniques.

Fresh Performance Cache plugin minifies, combines, compresses and caches the files to improve the site performance. It is tested to work great with latest released version of WordPress as well as popular web browsers.

fresh performance cache

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Price: $59.00

WordPress Booster

It’s a simple to use WordPress plugin designed for caching posts and pages in a single click. Install this plugin at an affordable price for boosting the website speed and its performance.

You just have to click on the “Cache All Pages” option for caching of the web pages. WordPress Booster plugin includes gzip compression option to make your site more quicker and faster.

wordpress booster

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Price: $18.00



MelonHTML5 is a powerful royal preloader WordPress plugin from Code Canyon. After successful installation of this plugin, your website will have an attractive loading progress indicator for displaying the page load.

You can easily install and configure the plugin without touching even a single line of code. It automatically detects the cached and invalid images without making additional HTTP requests on cached images.


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Price: $13.00


It’s an attractive weather WordPress plugin designed to increase the loading speed of the website by minimizing the HTTP requests and enabling the HTML5 caching. Visitors can be provided with detailed weather information including sunrise, cloudiness, humidity, sunset and wind.

Astero plugin local caches the data for every one hour. This plugin includes three background styles for embedding HTML5 videos, custom image backgrounds and minimalist backgrounds.


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Price: $18.00


Grid Accordion

Grid Accordion is fully responsive and retina ready to make your site perfectly adjust on devices of diverse screen resolutions. It provides visitors an engaging viewing experience as they touch, tap and swipe on tablets and mobile gadgets.

This plugin is designed to automatically cache the grid accordion instances to enhance the loading time of the site. It is SEO WordPress plugins friendly for optimizing the site on various search engines.

grid accordion

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Price: $19.00

Blunt Cache

Blunt Cache is a simple fragment and object caching WordPress plugin for developers. This plugin captures and caches the object as well as HTML output of every code section.

This plugin allows you to set the expiry time for particular fragments and objects as per your needs. Blunt Cache is compatible with the modern version of WordPress. It uses the Wp transients API for strong HTML fragments and cached objects in the database.

blunt cache

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WP Cache Bucket

This plugin is designed to update multiple items when a single item is being changed. WP Cache Bucket combines several cache items to a single cache bucket or validation key so that they can get expired all at one go.

It offers bucket interface by providing a wrapper around the cached items and set expiry date to flush data by modifying a single object.

WP cache bucket

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