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Top 25 WordPress Google Maps Plugins

If you own a business directory, real estate, store or restaurant website, then Google maps plugins can play a vital role in listing different locations of your business in a precise way. Integrate Google maps into your site with the help of these plugins for your posts and web pages.

We have handpicked premium WordPress Google Maps plugins to ease your search process in finding a perfect one as there are numerous plugins available in the market. Embed Google maps and customize them to provide your visitors with driving directions of the correct location or places of interest. It also allows your visitors to easily search through your business or real estate listings thus converting them into potential customers.

CP Google Maps

CP Google Maps Plugin

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With CP Google Maps, you can incorporate Google map in a single post or other WordPress templates that features several posts together. This plugin comes with multiple premium features and you can activate it by downloading the plugin and then unzip it. Based on Google Maps Javascript API Version 3, CP Google Maps allows you to fully customize the plugin by altering width, height, alignment, initial zoom, map language etc.

Comprehensive Google Map Plugin

Comprehensive Google Map Plugin

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This is a simple yet beautiful Google map plugin that comes loaded with powerful options. You can quickly configure the Google map as per your preference and also choose from 250 custom maker icons. It features complete documentation that can come in handy if you encounter any issue with the plugin settings. It is widget enabled and supports W3 Total Cache and jQuery tabs.

Pronamic Google Maps

Pronamic Google Maps Plugin

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If you are looking for a WordPress plugin that uses Google Maps API version 3 in order to add Google map for your web pages or posts, then Pronamic Google Maps plugin might be the perfect choice for you. This plugin can be used to showcase your business location on different custom post types that you want it to be visible and they are real estate, projects, hotels, accommodation, restaurants, ships and ports.

WP Google Maps

WP Google Maps Plugin

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This is an easiest to use Google map plugin that allows you to quickly customize it for your web pages and posts. WP Google Maps lets you create multiple markers for your contact and coverage pages. It comes with free version as well as professional edition with additional features to ease the process of building several Google maps with no coding knowledge.

Leaflet Maps Marker

Leaflet Maps Marker Google Maps Plugin

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Share your favourite locations by pinning and organizing the places and tracks through Google maps, Bing maps, KML, OpenStreetMap and APIs. Leaflet Maps Marker boasts of powerful features and some of them are Google Adsense for maps integration, MapsMarker API, QR codes with custom backgrounds, duplicate markers, minimaps, and HTML5 full screen maps.  You can backup and restore the settings and also if needed eradicate the backlinks of your website.

Basic Google Maps Placemarks

Basic Google Maps Placemarks Google Maps Plugin

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You can embed Google maps into various posts and pages with the help of shortcode. Use featured image meta box for setting icons and markers on the map. It includes different options to help you set the map type to street or satellite view, zoom level, location, size and navigation controls. This plugin supports multiple internationalized languages and compatible with WordPress MultiSite.

Google Maps Route

Google Maps Route Plugin

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This is an open source software basically crafted for displaying multiple locations along the route you travel or while touring the globe. Use dashboard for managing and adding different locations to the maps directly and also for altering the colours, width and transparency with ease. You need to use shortcodes for embedding map into the content.

Google Map Shortcode

Google Map Shortcode Plugin

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Integrate Google maps into your blogs with this user-friendly WordPress plugin. This plugin is based on Google Maps Javascript API Version 3 and includes slideshows and scroll feature. You can add multiple points for addresses and coordinates. Google maps can be inserted in multiple posts, pages and in your theme files. English is the default language of the plugin and can be translated to French, Spanish, Polish and Slovak.

Google Maps Widget

Google Maps Widget Plugin

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This WordPress plugin doesn’t need API key. Include a large Google map with faster loading time by clicking on the lightbox. You can check out the Google Maps Widget video to ease your installation and configuration process of the plugin. Choose from different map types i.e. road, satellite, map and hybrid. Alter the width and height of the map size and adjust the zoom level to provide visitors a clear view.

Google Maps GPX Viewer

Google Maps GPX Viewer Plugin

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Use this plugin for placing GPS tracks on Google maps for your posts. View different screenshots available with this plugin to help you understand how to configure and style your map. Panoramio pictures, map editor, TourScout, Open Cycle map, Open Street map and OSGEO Map are some of the prominent features. You can create several maps for a single post.

WP Google Map Plugin


WP Google Map Plugin

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If you like to showcase numerous markers for various locations on Google map then this plugin will be the correct choice for you. You can specify address or provide latitude and longitude details for the markers. It supports several languages and is widget enabled. Create multiple Google maps for your posts, web pages and sidebars as well. Administrator can adjust and set the zoom level, height and width of the map.

Google Maps Embed

Google Maps Embed Plugin

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You can embed Google maps via Google maps link with the help of tiny MCE button. This small button is added to visual editor, to allow power users have Google map in their widgets, posts or pages by entering shortcode. And then you can adjust the height, width, marginheight, marginwidth, frameborder and scrolling feature. By default, this plugin is set to map view and allows the larger map to automatically open in a new window.

Theme Blvd Responsive Google Maps

Theme Blvd Responsive Google Maps Plugin

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For displaying a responsive Google map you need to use the shortcode [tb_google_map] only after uploading and activating the plugin. You can choose the zoom level from 1 to 19 numbers and set the map type to hybrid, roadmap, terrain or satellite. If you don’t want to display the popup, then you can hide it with true or false options.

Simple Google Maps Short Code

Simple Google Maps Short Code Plugin

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You can easily embed Google maps in WordPress pages or posts by using a simple short code. Simple Google Maps Short Code plugin will enable short code for providing cached maps. This simple short code makes use of Transients API and WordPress HTTPS API for database caching and it gets refreshed only when you change the address for your Google map.

Post Google Map

Post Google Map Plugin

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This WordPress plugin will let you add several addresses for your web pages and posts and they will be automatically plotted on the Google map in the pages, posts or sidebar widgets. Install this plugin and activate it for adding and removing different addresses for your pages and posts. View the screenshots for getting a good understanding on how this plugin works for multiple addresses. 

Google Maps Anywhere

Google Maps Anywhere Plugin

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If you want to quickly insert Google maps into your blog, then this plugin would do great wonders for your website. Upon installing this plugin, you can edit or add new posts and then click on “Add Google Maps” for incorporating Google maps into the posts. It supports localization for translating this plugin into Bulgarian, Belorussian, German, Spanish, Polish, Croatian, Dutch, Japanese, Ukrainian, Russian, Turkish and Romanian.

Map List Pro

Map List Pro Google Maps Plugin

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It’s a fully featured WordPress plugin specially created for contact lists, store locators and office address. With this plugin, you can easily add Google map for displaying various locations in sortable, searchable, filterable and paged list. You can readily choose from 25 diverse styles and switch on/off the options based on your preferences. It is fully customisable as well as translatable.

Price: $19.00

Responsive Styled Google Maps

Responsive Styled Google Maps Plugin

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Create stylish Google maps in an easier and simplest way by using this WordPress plugin. You can include multiple responsive Google maps in every page and not more than 10 markers per map as the plugin uses shortcode. It doesn’t require API key at all. Choose from 30 predefined colour map styles and 10 coloured marker icons or you can build your own marker icon.

Price: $15.00

WiLD Google Maps

WiLD Google Maps Plugin

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This WiLD Google Maps plugin allows you to create endless maps for your posts, pages and sidebars. You can also create multiple markers for each and every map. With TinyMCE plugin, you can easily add maps for different web pages and posts. It doesn’t require API key and lets you select from 92 marker icons. Set the map sizes in pixel or percentage format and you can either switch on or off the various map controls.

Price: $17.00

Progress Map

Progress Map Google Maps Plugin

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Progress Map plugin is crafted for listing locations on Google map in a much simpler way. This plugin works great for job listings, restaurant listings, hotel and store listings, real estate listings etc. It comes with powerful admin panel for customizing different aspects and lets you upload your own markers and clusters to match your style. It features responsive layout, full width and fixed width, carousel items, special erasing, clustered markers and supports any custom post type.

Price: $28.00


Shortcodelic Google Maps Plugin

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This WordPress plugin can be used for creating advanced Google maps as it comes loaded with powerful features. It can also be used for crafting pricing tables and progress bars. Customize the plugin using administration panel to suit your requirement. It features custom multiple markers, custom styles, routes, carousels and streetview options.

Price: $23.00

Mapped Contact Form Pro

Mapped contact form pro Google Maps Plugin

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Mapped contact form pro WordPress plugin comes with a working Ajax contact form within a Google maps marker info window. It is built with Google Maps API V3 and includes fancy jQuery offline validation effects. You need to add shortcode for each and every page and post of your blog. This plugin comes at a cheap and efficient price and allows you to choose from 60 custom markers.

Price: $10.00

5sec Google Maps

5sec Google Maps Plugin

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This is an ultimate and one of the best Google maps WordPress plugin available at CodeCanyon. Create multiple Google maps without any need of coding knowledge and setting up process. It doesn’t need any API keys as well. This plugin works great for different custom post types, sidebars, posts and web pages. It is WordPress 3.8 ready and comes with extensive documentation to solve your potential queries.

Price: $12.00

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