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Amazon is an efficient convertor; hence people are inclined to use it. There are a large number of plug-ins that are dedicated to assisting affiliates endorse Amazon products. One such plug-in is the ReviewAZon Plug-in in WordPress. Though this plug-in has been in circulation for a while now, it is constantly undergoing ramifications. Several other plug-ins in the meanwhile have crept up the ladder of popularity making the people spoilt for choices but with the latest revisions, ReviewAZon has once again hit the bull’s eye!

This plug-in allows the user to automatically install Amazon goods on the WordPress blog. The users can add tons of products simultaneously on their blogs. When the product is inserted in the blog, it comes as a post or a page based on your predilection. It also includes an image by default, details of the product, customer’s opinions on the product and sale prices as well.

Many users who use ReviewAZon have commented upon it to quality to stylize their posts. Installing ReviewAZon in WordPress is fairly simple. However, to avoid any unwarranted difficulties, it is advisable to go through the instruction manual once to get the sequence right. But even before doing that, ensure that the older versions have been deactivated from your WordPress site.

The features of ReviewAZon are as follows:

  • New Administration Panel: Upon activation of this plug-in, your WordPress dashboard would disappear completely and be replaced by a swanky admin panel of ReviewAZon. You can however revert back to your WordPress dashboard by clicking on the “Exit to WordPress” option on the top of the page.
  • Assembling of Configuration settings: All the settings related to configuration of this plug-in are grouped together in one place, making it even more user-friendly and less time consuming.
  • Tabs: Another stark feature of this plug-in is that when a user clicks on any of the options in the menu panel, they are displayed on the main screen as tabbed pages. This allows the user to switch from one to the next.

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