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10+ Outstanding WordPress Security Plugins

It’s important for any website owner to secure their website from the vulnerable security attacks like spam injections, sending malicious links and brute force attacks etc. The site administrators need to follow some security measures in order to prevent from falling victim to the hackers. There are specially crafted security plugins that ensure 100% security for your WordPress website.

Here is a great collection of security plugins that work well with WordPress blogs as well as enhance the security related to blog.

Better WP Security

Better WP security Plugin

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This Better WP Security plugin holds some best security features and procedures to ensure 100% security for the website. On installing this plugin onto any niche website, you need not worry as all the security holes relevant to your website are patched put. This plugin will ensure maximum security to your site by keeping away the spammers or hackers from reaching the sensitive areas such as login and admin etc.


WordFence Security Plugin

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WordFence Security, it’s one of the finest WordPress security plugin that comprises a firewall, an anti virus scanning, URL scanning to detect the malicious links and it easily depicts the entire stats of your live traffic. It’s the only plugin available that can repair all your files relevant to theme and plugin. From the single admin panel, this WordPress plugin will effectively scan all the posts and comments relevant to WordPress blog.


BulletProof Security

BulletProof security Plugin

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Looking for a best security plugin to install on your website, then go for this BulletProof Security plugin that is easy to install. This security plugin adds .htaccess security protection to your website. On enabling the maintenance mode, users are provided with some special functionality that allows them to create a custom website within the maintenance page.


Acunetix Secure WordPress

Acunetix Secure WordPress Plugin

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It’s one of the free plugins that ensures maximum security to the WordPress website. The plugin’s comprehensive security feature will secure all your file permissions and ensures maximum security for your complete website database. It supports version hiding and even protects the administration activities carried out by site administrators. The plugin’s live traffic tool will effectively monitor your WordPress website.


Limit Login Attempts

Limit Login Attempts Security Plugin

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By default, any WordPress website irrespective of the niche will allow limitless login attempts for the visitors via login page. If you don’t restrict the number of login attempts, all the passwords of visitors will fall prey for brute force attacks. Especially this Limit Login Attempts will block a specific internet address from submitting their details after a limited retries has reached. The login attempts can be customized with ease based on the administrator’s requirements.


Sucuri Scanner

Sucuri Scanner Security Plugin

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The Sucuri SiteCheck WordPress plugin will keep track of your website and keeps it away from the spam, malware attacks and security vulnerabilities like hidden eval code etc. The best part about the plugin is it can be availed for free and it is fully capable of detecting wide variety of malware, website bugs and issues related to database connections.



Antivirus Security Plugin

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AntiVirus, it’s one of the safest WordPress plugin that protects your blog against the exploits and all other malware attacks. For every detected virus, an alert is sent to the admin bar. The detected virus can be instantly cleaned up from the WordPress. It can be localized into several languages. The site users can even perform daily scan and receive email notifications of all detected malicious links and virus.


Simple Security

Simple Security Plugin

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This Simple Security plugin for WordPress website incorporates an Access Log that helps the site administrators in keeping track of the successful logins and login attempts that have failed. And the entire tracking can be done from the admin area. Whenever any new IP addresses are listed under the blacklist, the site administrators will receive an email notification.


All in One WP Security and Firewall

All in One WP Security and Firewall Plugin

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This user friendly and well crafted WordPress plugin will add firewall protection for your website. The plugin will check the website for security vulnerabilities and recommends necessary security measures or techniques to ensure that the website is free from virus. The security rules relevant to plugin are classified into three types that include basic, intermediate and advanced. Without breaking the website’s functionality, this plugin adds high level security for your website.



WP Security Manager

WP Security Manager Plugin

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This outstanding WordPress plugin will provide an effective solution to your entire WordPress website. This plugin embeds a virtual keyboard through which visitors can enter the details so that key loggers cannot access the details. Users can even supervise the log activity of all their visitors accessing the website. All the attacks are alerted to the site users via emails.

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