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Top 15+ Blogroll WordPress Plugins

If you have set up a WordPress site, you can install some specific WordPress plugins, which will make it easier for you to manage the site. These blogroll plugins are easy to implement and provide an easy access to settings, which can be altered any time. WordPress plugins implant utility specifications on your website/blog. Blogroll WordPress plugins improve your blogroll’s visibility.

Advanced Links Widget

Advanced Links Widget

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To have full control on the different links available on your blog, install this Advanced Links Widget that you find at CodeCanyon.  With the category link selector, users can either add or remove few link categories from the categories field. Users can set how a categories title shoulthe website and they can hide links that are not useful.

RSS BlogrollRSS Blogroll plugin

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RSS Blogroll WordPress plugin lets you connect to your favorite sites through the latest posts from their Atom/RSS feed. Article tags are quite attractive and may contribute to high traffic. Display of article publication dates allow visitors verify if the posts are updated.

RSS Feed Checker

RSS Feed Checker plugin

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Featured Link Image

Featured Link Image

Through this Featured Link Image plugin, users can add a Meta box in the links. The Meta box enabled on the website will let users to add or edit pages for easy insertion of images into bookmarks.



This PictureBook WordPress plugin by installing it onto your WordPress website will add a small amount of code that lists all your bookmarks in the form of text and icons. Under the Links Tab, users can display the bookmarks either in a list of text links or they can be represented as list of icon links.

Blogroll Widget with RSS Feeds

Blogroll Widget with RSS Feeds plugin

The Blogroll Widget with RSS Feeds lets you show latest posts on your site through RSS feeds in the form of a side bar widget. The plugin does not need AJAX and JavaScript to perform. The plugin utilizes WordPress standard links from the database.

Blogroll Fun

Blogroll Fun pluginThe Blogroll Fun WordPress plugin utilizes a subscription to an open source service, which lets it easily decide the latest update time and also recent posts of all links present on your blogroll without hindering down the loading span of your site.

Extended Blogroll

Extended Blogroll plugin

The Extended Blogroll WordPress plugin lets you show the latest posts and links of your blogroll through RSS feeds in the form of a sidebar widget or through shortcodes. You can display these posts at any portion of your site. The plugin is flexible and functions without AJAX and JavaScript.

WP Social Blogroll

WP Social Blogroll plugin

WP Social Blogroll plugin integrates a social blogroll on your site. The plugin will follow and show recent updates and posts of your WordPress site/blog on your blogroll. The widget restores the date of latest feed item of the site that you have bookmarked.

Blogroll Links

Blogroll Links plugin

The Blogroll Links WordPress plugin utilizes build-in-blogroll spec of WordPress and displays links to mates’ home pages and also pages of your own site on social networking sites through XFN in the links.

Blogroll Dropdown

Blogroll Dropdown plugins

The Blogroll Dropdown plugin shows links in the form of drop down select menu with multiple options. You can decide the number of links to be displayed, the order of display, you can display links in a categorized way and also exclude and include links.

Blogroll Pager

Blogroll Pager plugin

Blogroll Pager is a utility WordPress blogroll widget featuring previous and next controls to load recently posted links through AJAX.

 Ultimate Blogroll

Ultimate Blogroll plugin

The Ultimate Blogroll WordPress plugin lets your visitors submit a linktrade. Visitors can attach their sites and you may trace the out and in links.


BookMaster plugin

The BookMaster plugin lets you insert a category of bookmark tag without displaying bookmark links.

MyLinks 2

MyLinks 2 plugin

Mixed Updates

Mixed Updates plugin

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