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Amazon is a wonderful site which offers large number of products at huge discounts. Here are some of the top plug-ins that you can use to earn money from Amazon affiliate sites-

WP Zon builder

WP Zon builder plugin

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This plug-in helps you create a great Amazon affiliate site. This plug-in allows you to find products and different brands using the admin panel and lists all the products.

The plug-in gives you an option which lets you create a template for the posts automatically according to the blog’s layout. It has another amazing feature called auto blogging in which the posts are drafted and posted on the blog after regular intervals.


ReviewAzon plugin

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This is a powerful plug-in which lets you import products effectively and creating posts for them. The plug-in has a feature which checks for duplicate posts so that the same product is not repeated. The plug-in lets you find products from the admin panel on WordPress. An automatic review link can also be created for the products. This plug-in is good and it lets you run an excellent Amazon affiliate site.


ExtendAzon plugin

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Amazon affiliate programs’ only negative feature is that it retains its cookies for 24 hours. This means that for a person to earn commission, the referral will have to purchase the product within 24 hours. This plug-in unique feature is that it increases the life of cookies by adding products directly to the cart instead of to the home page.


AmazonFeed plugin

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This plug-in allows you to advertise directly on to Amazon.com. It can be any products related to your blog posts, like books, clothes, furniture etc. the plug-in automatically does all the work, the user only has to write relevant posts and those posts will be distributed amongst related posts and contents.

Shopping pages

Shopping pages plugin

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Signing up with this Amazon affiliate program, installing the plug-in on your WordPress blog, and selling Amazon products helps you earn income via commission payments that are collected from sales which occur thorough your referrals and advertisements on your blog page. This is a good plug-in and it works really well.

Amazon product ads

Amazon product ads plugin

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This plug-in lets you choose the Amazon stores it wants its ads to be provided from. It also lets you decide which Amazon associate tracking id is to be used in the ads and choose the color of the text links. It lets you personalize the ads that appear in the widget area of the blogs and also change the logo that is displayed on the top of the ad. The size in which the ad should be displayed can also be chosen. This plug-in is packed with features and is one of the most popular plug-in that is used for Amazon affiliate sites.

Amazon reloaded for WordPress

Amazon reloaded for WordPress

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This is a very useful plug-in. it provides the blogger the option to search amazon.com directly from the blog on WordPress, and get text links and images to post to the articles. The blogger can also choose which country the ads should be from, whether united states, India, Canada or Germany.

Amazon post purchase

Amazon post purchase

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This interesting and unique plug-in lets you display products in the sidebars in single post pages. This plug-in lets your users purchase products related to your posts very easily. The amazing plug-in was created by Don Fischer. This plug-in uses the latest Amazon product advertising API, which ensures the security and safety of all transactions made on amazon.com.

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