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Top 10+ Travel Agency WordPress Plugins

There are some specific travel agency WordPress plugins, which are ideal to organize and present a tour and travel site. If you have set up a travel agency WordPress site, these plugins will be suitable. These are easy to install and manage. Highly customizable and easy-to-operate, these plugins render your site with attractive specifications.


TourCMS plugin

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TourCMS WordPress plugin provides reliable and safe online reservation and booking service. This plugin can be installed over activity operators, tour operators and travel agents websites. The plugin also facilitates agent and supplier management, customer relationship management, documentation and comprehensive reporting.

Travel Agent 1.4

Travel Agent 1

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The Travel Agent 1.4 is a utility WordPress travel agent plugin. The plugin features an enhanced scheduler and database. A database of tourists and bookers can be created with this plugin and related information can be stored. You can customize forms and formats with this plugin.

WP World Travel

WP World Travel plugin

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WP World Travel is a useful WordPress travel plugin with which, you can display present location to visitors, show your travel routine to visitors as well as let visitors suggest meet-ups in every location. The plugin presents a wide range of customization alternatives.

Travelling Blogger

Travelling Blogger plugin

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Travelling Blogger lets one bookmark the location of your pages and posts and showcases these on Google Map widget. You can customize a location folio, which would let you showcase posts arranged by location. It is a useful plugin that you can set up on your travel agency WordPress themes.

AB Map/AB Google Map Travel

AB Google Map Travel plugin

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AB Map/AB Google Map Travel let your customers calculate their distance of travel from destination to sources, fare with various charges for night and day travels. The plugin supports results in all languages supported by Google direction.

Travel Routes

Travel Routes plugin

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Travel Routes is a useful WordPress travel plugin that lets you incorporate geographical tags on WordPress Google map when you write a post. Localities terms and country names will automatically be displayed after that. You may order locations in a randomized way with dates to identify routes.


travel-gmap3 plugin

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Travel-gmap3 is a WordPress plugin that lets you showcase Google maps integrated with JQuery in the form of a post or widget. The plugin allots a series of maps. You can place a map on widget and also on posts.

Geo Location Based Travel Rates

Geo Location Based Travel Rates

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This utility WordPress plugin fetches the distance between destination and source through Google map API and determines accurate rates for it accordingly. This plugin functions on Ajax.

Activity and Tour Operator

Activity and Tour Operator plugin

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The Activity and Tour Operator plugin expands WordPress with latest post types for hotels/tours as well as different travel products and incorporates with TourCMS booking tool. You can upload prices and assure that you are showing exclusive booking and pricing against exclusive availability.

Geolocation History

Geolocation History plugin

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Geolocation History WordPress plugin lets the administrator trace a history of geographical places. This plugin was organized for a travel site and geographical places were fetched onto Google Maps widget in order to let visitors trace bloggers’ travelling.


TravelMap plugin

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TravelMap lets you display your travel sites on Google Map in any page or post. You may add locations that you have visited or is willing to visit and display these as linked on a world map. You can also add arrival dates so that your current location can be displayed and also places where you have visited so far.

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