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10 Best Menu WordPress Plugins

One problem that all bloggers on WordPress face is finding a plugin that can endow the website with a good menu. There are numerous Plugins available which can finish your quest for a well designed and fully functional tool that enables better menus for your websites. Here is a list of some of the top menu themes with great menus. Choose the ones that impress you the most, check out the best Menu WordPress Plugins below.

Dropdown Menu Widget – Menu WordPress Plugins

Dropdown Menu Widget Plugin

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This beautiful plugin adds CSS only drop-down menu, listing pages and categories to your WordPress page. It supports multiple instances and allows you to choose between a horizontal and vertical layout. Using CSS, you can even customize your menu.

Responsive Select Menu

Responsive select menu Plugin

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With the advancement in technology, everyone should have a wordpress page which works great on mobile devices also. This plugin lets you choose the width of your choice and lets the user navigate easily on touch screens.

Advanced Menu Widget

Advanced menu widget Plugin

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This plugin lets you add the enhanced “navigation menu” widget and it comes packed with great features. It lets you display the menu as a drop down, display menu item descriptions, and even display all menu starting with the selected one.

Custom Menu Wizard

Custom Menu Wizard Plugin

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If you’re looking for a plugin that brings in great designs and better functionalities to your website, then this has to be the end of your search, with all its customization options.


Ubermenu Plugin

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This is a responsive and a highly user-friendly wordpress plugin. It is simple yet powerful enough to let you customize the menus of your wordpress theme. It is compatible with iPhone and iPad too. It is easy to customize and comes in over 20 style presets.


Mobile.nav Plugin

This is really easy to use a plugin. It uses the wordpress built-in design language and lets you apply any color combination you like. It works perfectly on android, windows phone, and iOS. This is a great plugin and you should definitely consider using it.

WordPress Menufication

Wordpress Menufication Plugin

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This is a great plugin that comes packed with features. It is easy to use and no coding is required. It is user-friendly and is easy to customize. All you need to do is choose the wordpress menu that you like and you’re ready to go.

WP Sticky Menu Plugin

WP sticky menu Plugin

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This is very flexible and easy to use a plugin. it can be used on top of any theme. It has many features like optimized CSS and optimized JavaScript. It has a settings panel, has 20+ colors, is responsive, and also has animation effects.


MashMenu Plugin

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This plugin takes inspiration from www.mashable.com. It is a beautifully designed menu theme which is very easily customizable. It is most suitable for magazine and e-commerce sites. It comes with added sidebars and widgets to a menu. You can even choose from a variety of colors for your theme.


Stripe Plugin

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This is a fully tested plugin and it works with all themes. This plugin does not replace your theme’s current menus. It has an animated 2 level menu, and you can even choose from over 350 icons. It comes with the ability to override the main menu and create post and page specific menus. It comes in colors like silver, blue, green, salmon, red, orange, and pink.

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