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15+ Best WordPress jQuery Slideshow Plugins

The jQuery slider plugins are considered to be crucial for any of the website as they let the site owners to display their products in an amazing way by adding some cool and dazzling transition effects. To make the image or product slide show more effective, this jQuery plugins will incorporate layered animations to the entire slideshow.

When it comes to sliders plugins, users generally prefer jQuery plugin as they are the popular JavaScript library that can add some dynamic effect to your content which in turn makes your website look more elegant. Keep all your visitors engaged by installing any of these jQuery powered slider plugin.

Nivo Slider

Nivo Slider -WordPress jQuery Slideshow Plugin

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With this Nivo Slider, users can insert an attractive image slider to showcase all their images to the people on virtual world. This slider will enhance your website’s appearance and makes it look stunning in a far better way when compared to your peer competitors. This plugin is simple to setup and allows beautiful transition effects to display your gallery images in a striking way.


SlideDeck -WordPress jQuery Slideshow Plugin

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Set a nice and beautiful image slider for your website in few minutes through this SlideDeck WordPress plugin. Build a super flexible slider for your WordPress website without writing a single line of code by utilizing this easy to install SlideDeck plugin. This plugin supports image uploading, videos and custom texts. To make the slide more interesting, users can add their own captions.

jQuery Slider Carousel

jQuery Slider Carousel -WordPress jQuery Slideshow Plugin

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This jQuery powered and WordPress based plugin will create a slideshow to show off all the thumbnails present in posts of a specific category. This plugin can be incorporated into any part of the blog or website. This plugin just displays the images, it doesn’t resize or alter the image sizes to fit perfect on the sliders.

Simple Content Slider

Simple Content Slider -WordPress jQuery Slideshow Plugin

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Essentially this WordPress plugin can be installed on any type of website. This responsive plugin will effectively display all your thumbnails and content in a soothing manner and users can even add some touch and CSS3 effects to the slideshow. With shortcodes, users can easily embed the plugin to different pages on the website.

Basic jQuery Slider

Basic jQuery Slider -WordPress jQuery Slideshow Plugin

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With this Basic jQuery Slider plugin, users can add an amazing slider to the website. Users can add several images of the various posts to the slider to make the website look more appealing. As a site administrator, you need to manually insert the code to embed the plugin to website, instead use the shortcode to display the image slider in a simple way.

Promotion Slider

Promotion Slider -WordPress jQuery Slideshow Plugin

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This Promotion Slider is completely developed using the jQuery. This jQuery slider plugin will help users in inserting a slideshow on their webpages. Due to its customizable nature, users are in full control of the images and content that is to be displayed on the slider. A user installing the pro version of plugin can utilize the special options and filters to configure the slider in their own way.

WP Nivo Slider

WP Nivo Slider -WordPress jQuery Slideshow Plugin

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This WP Nivo Slider plugin creates a perfect slideshow for your website through which you can display all your images present in various posts. The entire code relevant to plugin is written by following the jQuery standards. This plugin can be embedded at any position on the blog or website. Users can even choose few specific posts from certain category to display on the slider.

Responsive Slider

Responsive Slider -WordPress jQuery Slideshow Plugin

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This Responsive Slider plugin was mainly created for website possessors who wish to create effective slider to show all their images and posts titles in a nice manner. Irrespective of order in which images are to be displayed, users can set up slideshow within theme theme, a webpage or a post. Users can always read the plugin documentation to resolve their queries relevant to plugin installation.

Captain Slider

Captain Slider -WordPress jQuery Slideshow Plugin

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Probably, it’s one of the best slider WordPress plugin available for internet users. With plenty of settings, users can customize the speed of slider and even add animations to the slider to make it look bit more beautiful. With the simple slider sorter option, users can arrange the slides that get displayed on the website.

WP Advance jQuery Cycle

WP Advance jQuery Cycle -WordPress jQuery Slideshow Plugin

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To have a stylish and jaw dropping slideshow on your website install this WordPress powered plugin. Users can add wide number of images to the slideshow and rotate them in different directions as they like. As per their requirements and preferences, users can adjust settings related to the slideshow. This plugin supports images of different formats like PNG, Gif, Jpg and Jpeg etc.


Slyd -WordPress jQuery Slideshow Plugin

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This easy to use and simply configurable slider plugin will let users insert a slider onto the WordPress website via a shortcode. Users can even set the option to create a custom slide for every post that gets uploaded to the website. A site owner can make full use of the CSS3 and jQuery animations to impress the viewers.

WP Ad Gallery

WP Ad Gallery -WordPress jQuery Slideshow Plugin

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This jQuery powered plugin will add an easy to customize gallery slideshow onto your website without any code. Through the shortcode button, users can create a shortcode and it can be placed at different points on the website. The slideshow can be set up in a different way for each post available on the website.

WordPress Sliding Drawer Plugin

WordPress Sliding Drawer Plugin -WordPress jQuery Slideshow Plugin

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This WordPress plugin will enhance the screen appearance of your website by helping the users to create a beautiful sliding content area. This slideshow on website can be configured by adjusting the slide to get displayed either from top, bottom, right or left. Even the position and colour relevant to the plugin can be managed from the plugin settings.

Content Slide

Content Slide -WordPress jQuery Slideshow Plugin

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This Content Slide WordPress plugin will create a highly customizable image slideshow on the website wherein the images can be rotated as per administrator’s requirements. With various customization options, users can adjust the slideshow size and can even set the colour and style for slideshow. The fade effect given to the slideshow is set off by the jQuery inner fade effect.


MightySlider -WordPress jQuery Slideshow Plugin

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This jQuery plugin will create a stunning one-directional slider for your website. This plugin can be effectively used for various purposes like image slider, slideshow, gallery and a video gallery. With a powerful API that includes large number of customization methods, users can have full control on the items that are being placed on the image slider.

Multipurpose Before After Slider

Multipurpose Before After Slider -WordPress jQuery Slideshow Plugin

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This WordPress plugin will let users create countless sliders for their website. Users can simply showcase their case studies by differentiating the original image and new image. Directly from the user friendly admin panel, users can adjust the settings and even update the pre uploaded images on the website. Users can set the slider on single post or each webpage.

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