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Top 10 WordPress Breaking News Plugins

If you own a news or magazine site, these specific WordPress news plugins would prove to be beneficial for your WordPress blog or website. These plugins make it easier for you to organize and manage your news sites. These breaking news plugins are easy to set up on your site so that you can easily publish hot news, manage view, comments, stylize your posts, provide an exclusive and smooth browsing experience to your visitors and experience other innovative and attractive specs of these plugins.

Top WordPress breaking news plugins

WP Breaking News Mail

WP Breaking News Mail

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Using WP Breaking News Mail, you can send an email to your subscribers, each time a news or information is published under a specific category. You can customize the email formats. You can even edit and format email templates easily. Every time news is published a subscriber will be alerted to it and thus, will visit your site.

WoW Breaking News

WoW Breaking News plugin

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The WoW Breaking News plugin will let you insert a widget on your WordPress website or blog showcasing in-gaming breaking news, which you can view as you log in to the World of Warcraft. WoW, Breaking News plugin is a useful WordPress plugin that inserts some dynamic specs on your site or blog.

MM-Breaking News

MM-Breaking News plugin

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The MM-Breaking News plugin lets you establish bullet lists for posts on your blog or website. You can choose infinite bullet lists and categorize each list as well. Your posts can be sorted by date or randomized. You can choose to show a number of comments or date beside the title of the post.

Responsive News and Announcements

Responsive News and Announcements plugin

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Responsive News and Announcements is a WordPress news plugin that displays announcements, breaking news and notices on top of your site. The plugin displays such posts at the top of your site in a stylish way. You can control your published news, notices and announcements by date. This plugin is suitable to publish promotional offers.

Latest News Ticker Pro

Latest News Ticker Pro plugin

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The Latest News Ticker WordPress plugin for WordPress lets you display a ticker at the site’s bottom portion. Latest posts of your site will be showcased at the bottom of your website or blog. This plugin showcases an attractive ticker at the page’s bottom. The plugin also features other important specs that can be utilized to format your ticker.

XML Sitemap and Google News Feeds

XML Sitemap and Google News Feeds plugin

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The XML Sitemap and Google News Feed plugin dynamically establish feeds that are compilable with the Google News Feeds and XML Sitemap protocol. The plugin is compatible with Polylang and Multisite. You can easily alter settings of this plugin easily.

Warcraft Bundle

Warcraft Bundle plugin

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The Warcraft Bundle features four types of widgets. Official widget server information, widget Guild Perks, widget guild news and widget guild achievements are the four widgets that the plugin possesses. The plugin also features four pages shortcodes. These shortcodes are enabled with character signatures.

Syndicate Press

Syndicate Press plugin

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You can include RDF, RSS or Atom feeds within your WordPress posts directly with Syndicate Press plugin. You can also include feeds within WordPress widgets and pages. Syndicate Press possesses an easily controllable admin page. The plugin also features fillers, caching and other display options. Syndicate Press does not implicate CSS styling and arbitrary formatting on WordPress feed contents.

Advanced Post List

Advanced Post List

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Advanced Post List is a highly customizable plugin for designing a broad variety of WordPress feeds and posts. You can create any design for showcasing Related Posts, Future Posts, Recent Posts and others. You can easily place these within a shortcode inside a post or page. The plugin supports JavaScript, PHP and CSS.

Live Blog

Live Blog plugin

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Live blog is an exclusive blogging platform for WordPress. The plugin assists publishers, brands, and bloggers in connecting well with visitors. You can add videos and images to your reports. It lets you interact with your visitors directly and organize your blog posts dynamically.

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