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Top 8 Bluehost WordPress Plugins

Bluehost is a shared hosting organization, which has been categorized as Bluehost WordPress Plugins . There are some specific Bluehost WordPress plugins available, which if integrated on your site will allot a unique range of specifications to it. These WordPress plugins are easy to implement and manage. It will be easier for you to manage your site through the newly allotted specifications.

These plugins are easily accessible and customizable. Wouldn’t you want a well-researched list of Bluehost plugins that lend unique capabilities to your WordPress based websites? Here, we introduce you to some pretty special Bluehost plugins for WordPress, each of which brings about a desirable enhancement to the way in which you use WordPress to deliver the best digital content to your viewers.

WordPress Classifieds Plugin

Wordpress Classifieds Plugin

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With WordPress Classifieds Plugin, you will be able to integrate a classified ads section into your WordPress website or blog. The plugin possesses a wide variety of features. It is easy to set up. You can always go to the settings panel and customize the added classified sections. You’ll hardly need a few minutes to grow aware of the benefits that this plugin can bring to your websites, and soon you will be considering the Classified plugin as a vital asset to your network of websites, on WordPress.

WordFence Security

WordFence Security plugin

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WordFence Security is an enhanced WordPress security plugin. It features a firewall, malicious URL scanning, anti-virus scanning and live traffic as well as crawlers. This plugin has the capability to repair and verify your site’s core, plugin files and themes. It is compatible with multiple sites.


PrayBox plugin

PrayBox is a WordPress request plugin that lets visitors submit requests. The plugin also lets users vote for present requests. Site administrators can even manage their requests with this plugin. The admin section can moderate all requests and members may even flag requests as inappropriate.


Cookillian plugin

Cookillian is a WordPress plugin that makes it easier for you to comply with EU Cookie Law or EC Cookie Directive. Cookillian can automatically find out if any visitors to your site are located at any of your defined nations and those that the EU Cookie Directive affects.

Background Manager

Background Manager plugin

Background Manger is a sturdy replacement for the default background manager in WordPress. The widget lets you create multiple sets of images, from which images are chosen and showed as the background of your site. The images can be imported from computer storage, Media library, or from third party sources.

PostiePostie plugin

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Postie is a WordPress plugin possessing several advanced specs for posting via email to your blog. The widget is also capacitated to sort out categories by name, automated strip off signs, also videos and pictures. The widget supports Pop3 and iMap alongside an SSL for both the options.

Quick Cache

Quick Cache plugin

Quick Cache is a utility WordPress plugin that you may install to increase the performing speed of your site. Quick Cache clicks a strategic snapshot of every post, page and category link. These snapshots may also be stored so that these can be referred to later on. This will save the processing span, which probably would have slowed down your site.

MTV Contextual

MTV Contextual plugin

The MTV Contextual is a utility WordPress plugin. The plugin supports all countries where TMS is associated with the free market functionality. The widget displays prices in the form of installments of bids. You can choose to display posts, which are around 7, 15 or 30 days older.

These Bluehost WordPress plugins integrate a unique range of features into your WordPress website/blog, which augment the performance standards of the site.

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