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Top 10 Android WordPress Plugins

The specialized Android WordPress plugins offer a better visibility of your WordPress blog/site on mobile devices. These plugins also incorporate multiple features on your site, which let you organize and manage your site easily.

Your visitors will attain a soothing view of your site on mobile devices and a smooth browsing experience. These plugins also optimize your site for mobile devices so that all contents and images placed into it open up easily.

UppSite: Go Mobile

UppSite Go Mobile

Uppsite plugin lets you easily reach out to your audience on tablets or mobile devices. This application will make your WordPress site flexible for viewing on Android, iPad, iPhone and Windows phone. The plugin possesses multiple features. Your entire WordPress site will be presented in the form of a mobile application.


Mobiloud plugin

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Mobiloud WordPress plugin is a useful plugin that transforms your WordPress site into a mobile-optimized application. It is easy to install and it makes your site more flexible for view on mobile devices. It will be easier for your visitors to browse through your WordPress site and smoothly view all contents on it.

Audio and Video Player

Audio and Video Player plugin

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Audio and Video Player WordPress plugin lets you publish files, which are in OGG, MP4, WMV, WebM, WMA, WAV and WebSTART formats. The plugin supports Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows platforms. This Audio and Video Player is a utility WordPress plugin that expands the features of your WordPress site.

Smart App Banners

Smart App Banners

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You can easily implement the Smart App Banners WordPress plugin, which allots a standardized methodology of promoting your iPhone or Android applications on the App shop via any website. The banner that you choose to display will be showcased on all pages of your website by default.

MobilePRWire Import

MobilePRWire Import plugins

MobilePRWire Import WordPress plugin is a utility WordPress plugin that performs press release distribution services, which cover Android and iOS news. You can choose any news from iOS and Android headlines, which is relevant to your blog. MobilePRWire Import WordPress plugin promotes your website through press releases and users also get interested to go through your website if you highlight press releases there.


WiziApp plugin

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WiziApp is a useful WordPress plugin, which converts your WordPress powered blog or website into an HTML 5 powered mobile application. This application supports iOS, Android and Windows phones. Visitors can easily browse through your website on their mobile devices. WiziApp is a technical plugin, which energizes your WordPress site.

WordPress AutoMedia

Wordpress AutoMediaWordPress AutoMedia is a useful WordPress plugin. The plugin directly places your uploaded items into media library. You can batch upload files and utilize the WordPress AutoMedia plugin on Android powered phones as well. WordPress AutoMedia is a multimedia WordPress plugin that lets you decorate your WordPress site easily.

Solve Media CAPTCHA

Solve Media CAPTCHA

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Solve Media CAPTCHA is just a simple plugin that secures your site’s forms from any abuses.  The plugin works well on mobile devices powered by Android, iOS and Windows. Solve Media CAPTCHA is a utility security WordPress plugin. Solve Media CAPTCHA is easy to install and manage, you can alter it settings easily.

Picasa and Google Plus Express

Picasa and Google Plus Express

The plugin lets you browse through your Picasa or Google web albums. You can either select an entire album or some specific images to place on your pages or posts. The plugin can be easily used with mobile devices. The images you upload will be easily visible on Android powered mobile devices. Picasa and Google Plus WordPress plugin is a multimedia WordPress plugin.


VoxedIn plugin

VoxedIn is a useful WordPress plugin that incorporates WordPress and VoxedIn. It is a smartphone application and internet toolkit, which allows your visitors log into your WordPress blog or website through voice biometrics.

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