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Top 10 Ajax Comments WordPress Plugins

Among the most powerful features of WordPress hosted websites is the liberty of the website administrator to allow comments on the posts and pages. Although comments are great in terms of motivating user-generated content, there are also some problems associated with the comments facility. There are many people out there who’d not mind posting useless and spam comments on your pages to promote their links and products.

Not only does this irritate the regular users as the spam comments hurt the flow of conversations in comments, even the website administrator is left helpless as he/she sees content rich pages being painted black with absolutely worthless comments. Comments plugins have been created to address this problem, and enhance the powers of the comments feature that WordPress provides. These are ten extremely effective and worthwhile AJAX comment plugins to have.


Akismet wordpress theme

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This plugin is the arch nemesis for all spammers, as it filters all comments for signs of them being spam, and then silently moves them to a spam folder. Not only does this keep the web pages clean, it also makes the admin’s life easier as he/she does not receive a whopping number of notifications.

Simple Ajax Insert Comments

Simple Ajax Insert Comments WordPress Plugin

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This plugin allows the entry of comments using AJAX and JQuery without the need of reloading the page. Up and above this, it has all the routine comment management capabilities like editing, filtering and blacklisting comments.

Subscribe to Comments

Subscribe to Comments wp Plugin

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If you wish to allow your web pages’ commenters to have the facility of subscribing for notifications about the posting of any new comment in that post, you can depend on this plugin. There’s easy unsubscribe facility as well, thus making this plugin very user friendly.

AJAX Comment Page

AJAX Comment Page

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If you wish to have a better look for your visitors as far as the comments section is concerned, then look no further than this amazing light and powerful comments plugin for WordPress.


CommentLuv wordpress theme

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Meant to provide more value for the people who comment on your pages, this plugin allows them to have their latest blog post links added to their comments. Not only does this encourage commenters to voice their opinions on your pages, but also helps in filtering genuine comments from the spam comments plugin.

Ajax Comment Preview

Ajax Comment Preview wp plugin

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Using AJAX, this plugin allows your web pages’ viewers to have a look at their comments and how they’ll look upon being posted before actually submitting them. And all this happens with just a single click.

Twitterlink Comments

Twitterlink Comments wp plugin.jpg

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This light plugin lets the site admin have quick access to the Twitter handle of any commenter, and also lets commenters connect with each other through their Twitter accounts. Use this to add social networking capabilities with comments.

Inline AJAX Comments For WordPress

Inline AJAX Comments For WordPress

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Based on Ajax and jQuery framework, this plugin allows AJAX commenting on your pages. The posting of comments in AJAX is facilitated without the need to reload the whole page.

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