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Top 10 Hotel Booking WordPress Plugins

WordPress has been like a juggernaut right from the time of its inception, and one does not have to look far to find out several websites using this platform to connect to their clients and prospects in the most innovative and effective manners. Restaurants, hotels and lodging places have also depended on WordPress websites.

Obviously, these kinds of websites simply can’t do without the help of powerful plugins that help the developers manage bookings and appointments. This list connects you to 10 of the most amazing, light and effective hotel booking WordPress plugins.

BookingWizz for WordPress

BookingWizz for WordPress plugin

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If you’ve already purchased the power packed BookingWhizz package for handling all the tedious bookings for your hotel, the BookingWizz for WordPress plugin will make your life a little easier, as it integrates the master program into the WordPress platform, thus making the administration a whole lot easier. You will have a reservation system right on your websites in a very few minutes, using this cool WordPress booking plugin.

Booking System Pro

Booking System Pro WP Plugin

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You are going to love this one, especially if you have websites requiring reservations and appointments. Booking System Pro intends to provide you a single plugin solution to all the bookings and reservations related needs you have for your hotel websites. This plugin comes with Paypal payments integration, booking by hours and days, and CSS templates.

Appointment Booking Calendar

Appointment Booking Calendar WP Plugin

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This plugin allows users to look at a set of dates and times for which reservations can be made, and then use the same interface to choose their preferred booking times. Moreover, Paypal payment gateway is integrated, thus ensuring that users complete the booking process as quickly as possible. You can define the maximum number of bookings to be entertained as well.

WordPress Calendar Reservation Manager Plugin

WordPress Calendar Reservation Manager WP Plugin

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Your website visitors will never need any assistance in booking for rooms and facilities in your hotel, provided you have a booking plugin as dependable as WordPress Appointment Calendar Booking Plugin.

WordPress Booking/Reservations Calendar

WordPress BookingReservations Calendar wp Plugin

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This plugin comes with the regular bunch of offerings that any booking plugin has, but is different in the sense that it also has the facility to allow users to rent time intervals on different dates, and then use Paypal to make payments.

Booking Calendar

Booking Calendar wp plugin

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Apart from letting users make online reservations for rooms in your hotels, this plugin allows them to easily check availability of rooms, right from your website. You save several dollars that would otherwise go into a help desk, courtesy this plugin.

Online Hotel Booking System

Online Hotel Booking System wp Plugin

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What makes this plugin stand out is the fact that it will work on systems without Java, so there’s no way there are going to be any failed booking attempts with this plugin. It is based on JQuery UI and CakePHP, and is also powered by a CakePHP back-end administration.

Bookings Pro

Bookings Pro wordpress plugin

Bookings Pro is a wholesome package of all the functionalities that you can hope from a hotel bookings plugin. With easy availability checks, integrated payment gateways, and stable back end, this plugin is as dependable as you can wish for.


Appointy wordpress plugin

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Appointy is a new age bookings plugin for all your hotel websites, and facilitates one click browsing, courtesy its light and powerful AJAX interface. Users will sail through the booking process with the Appointy plugin in action.

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