Fixing Duplicate Featured Images in WordPress

Crafting a new post on WordPress is pretty easy for both the beginners and pro users. However, for beginners, there are few things that leave them in confusion. Fixing Duplicate Featured Images in WordPress can be known in this article.

The concept of featured images requires you to have some knowledge on WordPress in order to apply it in a proper way. The common problem reported by most of the visitors is with the image getting displayed twice. This tutorial provides you with brief information to fix the issue of featured image appearing twice on the WordPress posts.

Duplicate Featured Images in WordPress

Why does it Actually Occur?

The prime reason as to why featured images occur double on the posts is few beginners who are using the WordPress for the first time will set an image as the featured image and they even add the same image in the post along with content. You tend to notice that it is displayed in the visual post editor.

If it doesn’t get displayed on the website, you feel panic and insert it once again. And this time, you can see the image in the visual editor. But when you have a preview of the post, you notice that the image is getting repeated twice on the website.

Fixing the Issue of Double Images on WordPress Post:

You must first delete the image from the post editor and ensure that you utilize the featured image box available at the right bottom of the post editor that is useful in how to show a featured image

Duplicate Featured Images in WordPress

Featured images are one of the best features that you can avail from the WordPress theme package and the entire support related to featured image feature is managed by the WordPress itself, so you can’t have a preview of the featured image before publishing it onto the website.

Once you select an image and choose it as the featured image for your post, then the database starts communicating with the theme that an image is assigned as the featured image. The interaction with WordPress will help the developers to utilize persistent styles for featured images that you place on your WordPress website.

This method even fixes the issues of duplicated featured image and you can even encounter some complex issues while dealing with the featured images. For instance, if you upload a different theme, then the featured image that you have set will be stretched and skewed. And to resolve this problem, you must re-adjust the image sizes.

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