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The increase in blogging across the globe has led to an increase in the number of spam comments and posts. With a majority of people across the globe choosing to express themselves through their blogs, the blogs have become a new medium that everyone uses across the globe. What this has done is encouraged spammer to make use of a free and easy medium that is generally devoid of anti spam protection. This has led to a deluge of spam comments that is impossible to deal with and delete manually, since it is humanly impossible for you to look through so many comments and try and separate the incriminating ones.

The best bet you have is to install a good automated system to deal with the same. WordPress has some default systems to deal with spam. However, the systems don’t work very well if the spam is in excess. It is best that you use a spam plugin. In this respect too, WordPress provides you with Akismet, its own default plugin. but in some cases, like stopping spam registration, you need extra protection that can be only provided by external plugin.

One of the best plugins is the Stop Spammer Registration plugin. The beauty of this plugin is that it helps to check comments and login by spammers in 15 different ways to block spammers, thereby extending maximum protection for the user. This eliminates 99% of spam registrations and comments and checks all attempts to leave spam and automatically blocks known spammer hosts.

It is also phenomenal in automatically checking for spammer IPs without prompting, much earlier in the comments and registration process. Once detected the plugin stops WordPress from any further action and suspends the process while blocking the spammer. You control the access denied message and can redirect the spammer to another website.

The mechanism by it works is that it checks the IP address, email address and user id of anyone who either tries to log in or register or even leave a comment. This screens the clever spammers who don’t use robots that can be easily detected by most anti spam plugins, but instead try and register onto blogs and then leave spam. It also checks against spammer hosts that are abound on the web and blocks them from accessing the blog concerned. It also checks how long it takes a spammer to read the comments submit form and then post the same. If the time taken is less than 5 seconds, then the comment is automated and most importantly, spam, since it is not possible for a human to complete the task in less than 5 seconds.

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