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What could be more interesting and engaging than to be able set up your own online store and sell things there and then? Shopify lets you design customized stores for such purposes and is an effective e-commerce implementation henceforth. Shopify lets you create the interface and also links it to your account for transfers from all over the world. When whatever you want to sell is just a click away from the buyers, is that not futuristic business and subtle engineering?

Now imagine how extended can the functionality get if you could import your products or services from Shopify straight to your WordPress blog. Shopify provides an app for the same and WordPress has a Shopify plugin as well. Shopify plugin for WordPress not only let’s you create the genre and design new themes for the interface but also allows for other functionalities through its extended range of apps from the Shopify app store.

If things couldn’t get this easier already, the method for importing stuff from Shopify is a cake walk. Just hit the export button from Shopify and save the CSV file down on your computer at a particular location. After that all you need to do is, go to WordPress and import in the CSV file and there you will see all your products with the tags intact on your WordPress page. Cake walk, isn’t it?

WordPress also makes some conversions on importing the Shopify products. For example, the tags and vendors are converted to WordPress tags and categories respectively. The product information too is stored in a separate custom page. Whether you want it or not, but this is how organized things can be for such a cross platform interfacing of your products.

The WordPress Shopify plugin is a next big step in the grand success of e-commerce and online shopping. And in getting it to every computer, Shopify has done it all. So grab it and get working!

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