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There has been a phenomenal rise in the number of bloggers across the world in the last few years with millions of new users using platforms like WordPress to open their own blogs to lend voice to their expression. Blogs have become the platform of choice for many youngsters since it is free and unregulated and helps the users to say whatever they want. However, if your blog is popular and has a lot of visitors, there is a great chance that you will fall prey to the menace of spamming.

Spammers are generally people or systems that use automated machines or mechanisms to promote their own products or websites. They tend to leave comments on your posts and on your blog with their own links that make your blog look cumbersome and can even harm your blog.

Although the WordPress platform has some default settings to deal with the problem of spamming, sometimes they are not adequate at all. And it’s manually impossible for you to sift through all the comments and try and delete the comments that are spam. Hence you need a plugin.

The best plugin is WordPress Spam Free. This takes a different approach at blocking spam using a combination of javascript and cookies. This helps the normal web users who aren’t affected at all and the spammers who are blocked. This helps in the navigation of the website also, since there is no need for the cumbersome validation that requires captchas, challenge questions etc. This plugin is extremely efficient and helps in keeping your website fast and easy to navigate and doesn’t cause any inconvenience to the normal web user which is the most general complaint that one hears with other users.

The greatest thing about this WordPress plugin is its accuracy and the fact that it is so effective. The developers are able to post an efficiency rate of 100%, which means that this plugin removes all the spam that the spammers can post on your blog. Unlike most other plugins that would generally crash, this plugin can deal with lots of traffic and still retain its efficiency. It has a local manual spam and ban policy with a local IP address block list and a global list of the same character. There are zero false positives and the cumbersome captcha test is rendered unnecessary.

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