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You can change your WordPress blog into a complete ecommerce site and can start to sell online. This plugin offers you to sell services, tangible products and digital downloads, safely from your WordPress site. It permits PayPal payments and makes selling an easy task. The following provides some of the important features of the plugin.

Sell products and digital downloads

Whatever type of digital downloads you may have, you can do the sale and delivery safely to the customers. From any WordPress site, you can sell music, photos, audio books and ebooks.


This plugin immediately delivers the digital products via an encrypted download link by email. The actual location of the product will never get exposed. You have the option of setting download limit so that whenever you reach that number the link gets automatically expired.

You can conveniently organize the sale of tangible and physical goods. This plugin permits to configure different products with options for style, color and size at additional price. Products are displayed through product categories for the convenience of customers.

Sale of services

You have the option to sell various services also. You can create various levels of service with separate prices for each of them. You may charge more for premium products.

Custom fields for products

Instructions for separate products can be collected from customers.

Shipping tax, Coupon code and discounts

You can fix a flat tax rate for the products and services. You have the choice of fixing the shipping rates depending on the quantity of items or a fixed price regardless of the number of products. You can generate your own codes for coupons. You may give discounts on the selected products. Discounts always attract prospective customers. You can also offer discounts depending on the quantity or total sum.

Payment and Support

Payments are by PayPal. It supports multiple currencies or you can specifically add only few as per the convenience.

This plugin has several features but it is not complicated and very convenient to use. It has a download version of 1.0.0.

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