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WordPress Calendar Plugin Recurring Events

Those who are looking for exclusive recurring events WordPress calendar plugins may not be able to find one. But recurring events is a feature in many regular WordPress Calendar plugins. It is generally available in premium versions. The following provides brief details of a few such plugins. Depending on the overall requirement one can choose the plugin that fits requirements.

WordPress FT calendar plugin


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It is one of the premium plugins and possibly the best among the lot providing multiple calendar events, import and export of data, RSS feeds, multiple short codes and widgets, custom post types. In the recurring calendar events section, the plugin gives facility for advanced implementation of events that recur like, daily, weekly, monthly, annually, or periodically. It is very similar to Google calendar’s recurring events usage method. The plugin costs $39 per annum and comes with 30 day guarantee return policy.

Events Calendar Pro


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Events Calendar Pro is a paid add on to WordPress Event Calendar plugin that provides the feature recurring calendar events which is not normally available in the free to download version. Costing in the range of $50 to $250 per year the plugin offers whole lot of features needed for event management including recurring events. The plugin offers configurable recurring events starting from daily basis to custom set. The user interface is compatible to other calendar tools like Google Calendar or iCal.

Events Manager for WordPress


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The Events Manager Pro is another premium plugin that offers recurring events along with other regular features. The recurring events are customizable depending on the need of the users and compatible to other similar calendar plugins. The plugin is regularly updated in tune with users’ requirements. Currently the plugin is running base version of 5.2 and Pro version of 2.2 and support WordPress 3.4. At $75 per annum the add-on is a little expensive but seems to justify its cost.

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