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Within a couple of clicks you can make your website or blog site into a social network platform using the WordPress Facebook plugin. It does so by integrating the functionalities from Facebook. On the Facebook settings page you can enable the checkboxes to activate the features. Whenever a new WordPress page or post is published, you can post on an author’s Facebook.

You can post all new WordPress pages or posts to specified Facebook page. You can mention friends and pages on Facebook. You can list them on the WordPress page or post and also post to their Timelines. You can send, like and subscribe switches that can be activated by a click and customized.

This plugin offers full SEO support and Facebook comments. You can open graph protocol integration. There is a recommendations bar, through which the users can click and start receiving recommendations, register Likes and include whatever they are reading on the Timeline as they proceed.

Another important feature of the plugin is setting of Widgets. Via the Widgets settings page, all the features can be conveniently enabled. There is an activity fee box. This will show the activity of the friends on the website to the Facebook user. There is also a recommendations box. With this, the Facebook user recommendations of pages can be shown which is based on the friends’ actions on your website. There are send, subscribe and like buttons. This plugin supports mobile and internationalization. Facebook insights integration is also included.

Installing this plugin is quite simple. You need to install Facebook plugin either through the WordPress plugin directory, or by the uploading files to the server. You need to activate and then you’ll be instructed to set up the Facebook app. Step by step instructions are given for the convenience of the user.

This is a download version of 1.0.2. It has a decent rating of three stars and there have been around 150,000 downloads of this plugin till now.

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