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Top SEO Plugins for WordPress

Search engine optimization is an added benefit for any website. Anybody using their website would want to get a higher amount of visibility through any means possible. True that some of the more experienced developers would prefer building the plug-in themselves but for the rest of the populace that would rather rely on one that functions well and serves the purpose, here are a list of the top SEO plugins for WordPress:



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This plugin is said to be an internet marketing expert. It works to put your website higher up on the search engine results. It analyses your heading, keywords, images, and links to improve your ranking.

All in One SEO Pack


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This is hands down the most widely used SEO plugin. The main reason behind its popularity is based on the ease of operation, to the extent that a user need not know any coding to use it. You can change your title, descriptions and keywords without knowing the head or tail of coding. Even if you are a pro, this plugin has options to use special features that will keep you tuned in.

Yoast SEO Plug-in


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This SEO functions on focus keywords, which include the URL, title, description and content. The plugin also provides you with the opportunity of including meta titles and descriptions to ensure maximum optimization. Another convenient feature is that it allows you to import from other SEO plugins, ensuring an easy shift.

W3 Total Cache


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Its most striking feature is compatibility with shared hosting, virtual private servers and dedicated clusters. Its caching features , as well as minimization abilities,will help take your website a step up.

Headspace 2


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A free plugin that is said to be a little difficult to find your way around. However, a number of help videos are available online and once you get past the initial hiccups, this plugin works wonders. It lets you include meta titles and descriptions for all your categories, tax and custom taxonomy archives as well as analytics.

SEO Smartlinks


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There’s a reason behind its name, it is indeed a smart plugin. It gives you suggestions on what should be linked and where the same needs to be linked. This also links sections of your own website, this internal linking helps users navigate your website too. A large website with multiple pages and content will definitely be benefited by this plugin.

SEO Rank Reporter


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This is a very interesting plugin that has an added feature of keeping you abreast of the competition. It provides you with the forum to determine your ranking on search engines for a particular keyword. It also gives you updates on changes that you make to your data.

Google XML Sitemap


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A misnomer of sorts, one would think that it creates a sitemap only for Google but this plugin works for all search engines. This plugin essentially creates a sitemap to ensure that surfers can navigate and get the information that they require from your website easily. In addition, it notifies the search engines on new content that you create.

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