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Top WordPress Gallery Plugins

With the gallery plugins of WordPress, you can implement as many galleries as you wish in your website. This feature allows you to post more multiple images with descriptions on your page. More than that, you can post HQ images in the galleries on your website.

Dynamic Content Gallery

Dynamic Content Gallery

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With this plugin, users can craft a dynamic gallery to showcase images and all featured content of various posts that get uploaded to the website. By accessing the dashboard settings, users can reach to a wide range of customization options that can be useful in enhancing the gallery’s look. Any user-defined descriptions or information relevant to images placed on the gallery will be depicted in slide pane.

Justified image grid

Justified Image Grid

This responsive gallery plugin will align all your images in a striking way similar to Flickr and Google image search. Users can pull images from Facebook, Vimeo, Pinterest, and StumbleUpon to place it in the gallery. Even some self-hosted videos along with videos from YouTube and Vimeo can be simply grabbed and placed on the website’s gallery.

NextGen Gallery Plugin


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There is a flash slideshow option in the NextGen Gallery plugin which includes several custom templates and thumbnail generator. You can also get zip file upload facility with lightbox effects, watermark function, flash goodies, and sidebar widget and so on.

Cleaner WordPress Gallery Plugin


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With this excellent plugin you can have full control over the WordPress galleries on your website. Cleaner WordPress Galleries allows you to resize the images and to have control over the displays via CSS styling.

Lightbox Gallery Plugin


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You can change the appearance of the galleries to Lightbox look. With this facility, you can see the captions of the image after moving the mouse on the thumbnail.

GRAND FlAGallery


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You can show your pictures from your Flickr account on your own website. With WordPress administration, you can configure the pictures. Flickr API is used to display the pictures, tags, notes and EXIF data.

Lazyest Gallery Plugin


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Another amazing gallery plugin is the Lazyest Gallery Plugin which has features like an automatic slide, thumbnail, JQuery Slideshow, Sub-galleries. You are also allowed to create comments on folder and pictures and add captions.

WP Photo Album Plugin


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This gallery plugin is created to manage and show the albums of your website very easily. The features of the gallery plugin include moving pictures from one album to another, deleting photos, adjustment of the presentation of images, and full view of images. You can also set each picture’s default size to the maximum possible size.

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