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AdRotate is the most successful ad manager through which you can start earning money with your website. Dashboard helps you to add and manage the ads and exhibit a random banner, or multiples on your website. Unlimited groups of banners get this plugin support thereby permitting to tie specific banners to various areas of the website.

Owing to the convenient management from the dashboard, you can quickly add, oversee, edit banner code or delete/renew and add new ads. You can preview the banners and certain statistical values while you are editing them. When the banners are about to expire, you will receive email at specific times suggesting you to take the necessary action.

It is very convenient for you to manage ads, blocks and groups of ads. You can get email notifications whenever there is a need regarding your ad. It suits all sizes of advertisement especially for 125 X 125 size. The statistics are simple and with this help you can follow the ad which is working at its best.

The user can follow his customized stats. Through the dashboard, advertisers can contact you. You can track a banner, how it is clicked and the click through ratio can also be known. You have the facility to put selected, random banners in posts or pages. You can preview the banners when you are editing. There are slots for restrictions and advanced time schedules. For each banner location you can have multiple groups. It is compatible with Google ads and other ad/referral programs.

It has unlimited widgets. You can auto disable ads after certain clicks/views/period of time. When the ads are about to expire, you will get the warning signal. There are adblocks. To place your ads on your site, this plugin uses widgets, PHP or shortcodes. It is a download version of and was created by the developer Arnan de Gans.

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