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Floating Social Bar WordPress Plugin

To get the content spread across the internet in a quick and convenient way, social media is the best option. It is for sure that you would like to make it as simple as possible for visitors to share your content with followers and friends. The Floating Social plugin has all the capability to let you do all these things.

You can share the content on Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Google+ and Del.icio.us. You can style the social media box so that it fits in with the theme you want. You can place it so that it works with your layout. This plugin can just glide smoothly flanking your content.

You can resize your window so that you can see it moving inline and act responsively. You can supercharge your social media engagement through this plugin. It is very simple to use. You need to install, activate and just choose your social media. This project is being constantly refined and more features are being added.



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This is the only Facebook plugin needed you’ll need to set things rolling. It incorporates almost anything and makes it very convenient for your WordPress website and Facebook. This plugin is updated from time to time and all the support is given.

A login widget is included in the plugin through which the users are permitted to register and login via their Facebook account information. When the user registers, this plugin fills in fields in user profiles while registering. To post new content to user’s fan pages, events, notes or walls is very simple.

You can import into your WordPress site the comments available on Facebook. You have the total control over the thumbnail image which is posted on Facebook. You can present the latest Facebook events in a sidebar.

This plugin has been given an impressive rating of four and half stars in most user reviews. It has around 27000 downloads.

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