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WordPress, the open source blogging platform, consists of over fifteen thousand plugins. WordPress plugins are developed to perform specific functions in the open source platform. A very popular type of WordPress plugin is the WordPress gravity forms plugin. The plugin comes of use in creating data forms that can be manipulated to deliver varied levels of flexibility. Apart from creating data forms, gravity forms plugins come with additional programming features, at times designed to allow users to operate in the language of their choice. There are specific gravity forms plugins add-ons that allow users to translate the form into the language of their choice.

The WordPress Gravity Forms is a specific plugin that is amongst the best forms plugins for WordPress. The many features associated with the gravity forms plugins have ensured flexibility and enhanced usability in WordPress platform. The main aspect of Gravity Forms Plugin is that it allows the user to create different kinds of contact forms, from simple forms to the most complex types. The program for gravity forms is such that the user can build interactive forms within a few minutes.

The plugin allows users to edit a form as well. The add-ons have turned the gravity forms plugin into a directory by itself. With certain add-ons like the gravity forms directory has aggrandized the benefits of using gravity forms plugins. Apart from creating and editing contact forms, add-ons have added features like in-built searching, sorting, showing and hiding columns on the basis of predilections, prioritizing entries that are made and also allowing users to create and edit form layouts by offering a wide range of design features.

The usage of gravity forms plugins has become very widespread considering the scope it has in the offering. Any contact details that are listed in the forms can be customized to rein in on security and accessibility.

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