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Amongst the thousands of WordPress plugins that serve different features in the open source blogging platform, Plugin Central WordPress is one of the most important plugin. The Plugin Central is an exhaustive and extensive solution to various queries in the open source blogging platform. The Plugin Central has been specifically designed to serve many purposes in the WordPress platform. The increased usability and various other features have made this plugin one of the most sought after WordPress plugins.

A very important feature of Plugin Central WordPress is that it allows users to install other plugins with great ease. If you have created your own WordPress blog, the next step should be downloading and installing the Plugin Central. Whenever users encounter a plugin, Plugin Central helps is easy download of the desired plugin directly from the web interface of your blog.

The Plugin Central just needs to see you click on the download link to download and further install your plugin. As simple as it can get, Plugin Central also comes with enhanced features like downloading and simultaneously installing multiple files with just a single click. It is thoroughly serves a great deal in the WordPress blogging platform.

Following the development of Plugin Central, users have been given the chance to denounce the traditional FTP method of installation. Installation in Plugin Central is nearly twice as fast. Also, Plugin Central helps users better manage the download and installation process of various plugins.

The plugin has thoroughly been developed with the prime motive of overhauling the traditional method of FTP (File Transfer Protocol). Other embellished features allow users to update multiple plugins at a single click, accessing the change log, a feature that allows users to view any recent developments with regard to the download of plugins over the web and, above all, it allows users to transfer multiple plugins across multiple blogs.

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