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Google calendar is a great utility and not having a good option of embedding one on your website is disappointing. The options available lack the degree of flexibility required to match it with you website requirements and is thus a mismatch for your otherwise beautiful website. Google Calendar Events is one elegant way of displaying calendar events on a WordPress site.

This WordPress plugin analyses feeds from Google calendar to prepare events and gives the users high degree of flexibility with an option to display events in a list or a calendar grid which can be added to a page, widget or a post. The calendar grid highlights the date with events scheduled with an option to take a look on the past and upcoming months and events while list is very much like a page list with events and the links to details. There is also an option to restrict the number of events to be displayed on the list at one time. So you have full control over the quantity of data you want accommodated on the calendar.

The plugin makes complete customization of the calendar and events information to be displayed, possible. You can decide on the month displayed in the grid, date and time format to be used, the number of events retrieved, etc. Thus, you have access to full customization with the help of this plugin.

Adding the plugin to your website is completely hassle free. You can use the automatic installer within your WordPress admin or download it from the website. Adding a feed and widget is as easy with steps which are elaborated on the website. Altogether the plugin is a rich and flawless integration of Google Calendar events and WordPress websites. Your website stands to gain a lot from this strong and sturdy problem solver.

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