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Google ads have long been the hallmark of intelligent business and one of the main revenue generators for Google. Google ads began with the concept of understanding the content of a webpage, and displaying ads on it that are directly related to this content. Google went one step ahead with allowing anyone to display a webpage that contained a section containing ads by Google.

These ads weren’t static, but rendered behind the scenes by Google ad servers, that were called each time someone visited the page to decide which ads matched what was on the page closely. Other web content frameworks complied since Google ads was a big hit.

WordPress, one of the most popular blog frameworks, comes with a brilliant set of plugins (scripts that can be included on the framework to customize it), one of which happens to be the Google ads plugin. The plugin uses Google ads and it allows the users to set a series of parameters including the display style, position and so forth.

The WordPress Google ads plugin is a major success owing to the popularity of WordPress among bloggers. It has provided income for these bloggers based on the content they put up on the website. All a blogger needs is a Publisher ID from Google and the plugin is ready. Google intelligently shows just the right ads on the page. So in a way, the ads on a blog are relevant, and that attracts more clicks from visitors (each click rewards the blogger a part of the profit).

The plugin has a major impact on blogging. This plugin allows the application of the search engine, Google from the blog web page itself, hence increasing its efficiency and reducing the time span in which tasks can be performed. The display features of the Google ads plugin include the ability to alter and adjust the look of the ad, change color schemes, number of ad units per page and layout. Translations of this plugin can be obtained in Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, Hebrew, Polish, Spanish and Russian. It has been rated as one of the highest and best of plugins which WordPress provides users with. This plugin is available for free download on the official WordPress website.

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