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Top WordPress Ecommerce Plugins

Finding the right plug-in requires assessment of factors such as the compatibility, average rating, ensuring that it is not outdated, common issues that seem to arise and most importantly the number of downloads to gauge popularity, here are some of the heavyweights of Top WordPress Ecommerce Plugins:

Getting the right e-commerce plugin is a top priority for any website selling products. It needs to be easy to navigate around as well as make your website function without any glitches.

WooCommerce – WordPress Plugin


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This plugin is termed as a ‘toolkit that helps you sell anything’. This plugin provides you payment options such as PayPal, Google Checkout, 2Checkout and others.

It is definitely a user-friendly plugin which lets you create bundles and create a logo for your system. It USP is definitely the other plugins that you can connect to it and create quite an enterprising online store.

eShop – Ecommerce WordPress Plugins


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This is a plugin with all the features of a top end plugin – your tool to get all the feature at a minimal cost. This plugin makes the transformation from a blogging website to an online store seem like a click away.

This transforms your website into a convenient online store where you can offer goods for purchase on a post by post mechanism rather than a full-fledged online store. This just makes it easier for you to work on your website.

Cart66 – e-commerce plugin for WordPress


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This is a basic e-commerce plugin that is popular for recurring billing and selling digital downloads. However, this plugin requires a lot of work to be done on your side and handles only the basic functions.

You will end up shooting off emails and tracking the labels and other information. Nonetheless, this one is a very reliable plugin for e-commerce.

Shopp – e-commerce WordPress plugin


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Another popular one in the e-commerce plugins category. This plugin, despite being the first in the market, is one of the easier tools to use. It’s easy to install as well as navigate around.

It also gives you the option of upgrading a number of features at a certain extra cost.

Quick Shop – WordPress plugin


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This plugin makes online shopping easy for your customers. It creates a sidebar for your customers to fill in their cart, making it appealing and easy to use.

In addition, it has various other additions that you can play around with to customize your shop.

Ecwid – WordPress plugin for e-commerce


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This is another popular plugin that has been on the market for quite some time.

It functions on ease of operation with respect to installing and for customers to use. The best part of this plugin is that it is free.

WP Auctions – WordPress Auction Plugin


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This plugin is the best Auction plugin in the market. It has all the features that any real time auction would require and have. The cost of paying for this plugin is minimal when compared to the benefits that it provides.

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