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Top WordPress Adsense Plugins 2013

Google Adsense allows you to post and display ads on your WordPress site. This is a great way to generate revenue from your online content and offers. Using Adsense plugins you can choose the look, content, text and settings of your Google Adsense page advertisements. There are a number of Adsense plugins available online. Here is a list of 10 Adsense plugins for WordPress that offers superb utilities and ad revenue generation for your desktop publishing.

Google Adsense plugin



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Google Adsense plugin is a comprehensive Adsense settings plugin that allows you to choose the look format and color scheme of the ads on your page. You can also choose the number of ads appearing and have the ability to insert ads in widgets.

Quick Adsense




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This is a flexible and convenient way to add Adsense or any ad code into your blog or WordPress site. This plugin allows you to choose the look and format of your page with Ad placements and customize your Adsense settings.

Easy Adsense



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This is a one stop full solution to all your Adsense needs. Using Easy Adsense you can generate revenue from your WordPress page by displaying Google Ads. You can also choose the look and content of ads using this plugin.

Adsense Deluxe



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This is a Popular Adsense plugin for displaying and formatting the ads on your WordPress page. Ads are automatically inserted into your page when you subscribe to this plugin.

Adsense widget



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Using this plugin you can add ads in the form of widgets and a side bar to your WordPress pages, blogs and articles. This is a good way to generate revenue from your internet content and is convenient and easy to maintain.

Adsense attachment



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Adsense Attachment has some great features and allows you to display ads on an image link on your page. You can also display extra content or videos and have alongside it Adsense Ads using this plugin.



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Using Adsense extreme you can display ads anywhere on your Word Press site as well as Ad widgets. With this plugin you also increase the chances of being accepted by Google.

Adsense Earnings WordPress Plugin



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This is a good way to manage your Adsense revenue on WordPress. Adsense Earnings Plugin for WordPress is a convenient way to keep track of your WordPress revenue and site traffic by displaying it in your admin panel.

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