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Top 10 Comment Plugins for WordPress

WordPress is a Content Management System, usually employed as a blog and the open source system which will enable you to run a complete website. The features of WordPress like Plug-ins and templates make the process of creating a website relatively simple and effortless.



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Askimet checks comment on your website and if it sees that a comment is looking like a spam, the comment will be tossed out. Thus, it allows the webmasters and bloggers to avoid moderating comments.

Subscribe to Comments Reloaded:


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With this comment Plugins, your website reader can follow up with the comments on a post. This comment plugin helps you to keep the traffic, because without the plugin the reader may leave your website after making a comment and would not return again.

Comment Luv:


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This comment plug-in allows the commenter to add links to the comments. With the help of this plugin, the commenter can be attracted to make a comment on your blog. The commenter can post a link to the similar topic.

Twitter link Comments:

Twitterlink Comments

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Your website reader can connect with each other via their Twitter accounts. This is great because if a member comments on your website, other connected through Twitter can see the content through a tweet.

Grow map Anti-Spam Plug-in:

Growmap Anti-Spam Plug-in

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Sometimes your website members may feel the captchas hard to figure out, but these are vital for protecting your website from spam. GASP is the cure for the captchas on your website

Minimum Comment Length:

Minimum Comment Length

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Do you like the comments like simply “Thanks” or “Okay” or “Great”? Being an owner of a website you might like some conversation, so there should be a minimum length of the comments of your website visitors. Minimum Comment Length prevents those comments which don’t obey the rule of a minimum length of comments.

Live Comment Preview:

Live Comment Preview

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With this comment plugin, the commenter can preview the comment he or she is going to make on your website. This plugin is created using JavaScript (client-side). Thus, it is very helpful for the commenter to get a clear view of the comment.

WTC Comment Cleaner:

WTC Comment Cleaner

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The main aim of WTC Comment Cleaner is to give you a security scheme removing malicious codes from your website or blog. What you need to do is to mention the tags you wish to allow. WTC Comment Cleaner will toss the other tags out from your website and enhance the security of your website.

Conditional CAPTCHA:

Conditional CAPTCHA

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Every website should use the captcha feature for filtering spam and to have the feature on your website you have to employ the Conditional CAPTCHA plugin on your website. A captcha will be displayed in every comment and will wait for your approval. Then the visitor can be allowed to post a comment.

One Click Close Comments:

One Click Close Comments

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With this WordPress comment plugin, you can open and close the individual post with a single click. It makes easier for the web owners to operate with the comments on your website.

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