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Top 8 Band Plugins for WordPress

So, you’ve got a band and want to connect to more people by having a website. With so many plugins that could lend you wings in your pursuit of success, WordPress is the most suitable choice as the blogging platform for bands. Here is a list of some of the indispensable plugins for websites for bands, check out the Band Plugins for WordPress.

Gig Press – WordPress Band Plugins


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Managing your upcoming performances, as well the recently performed ones becomes unbelievably easy with this light and powerful plugin. Using simple shortcodes and GigPress widgets, this plugin lets you add the desired oomph to your band’s website.

Buddy Press:

Buddy Press

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BuddyPress is a superb social networking tool for WordPress which allows you to create a social networking site for your band. You can stay connected with clients and friends, other bands, and has great utility for internal business memos and advertising.

Bb Press:

Bb Press

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BbPress is a forum plugin for your WordPress tool. Using BbPress you can create forums and threads which can be answered to by other WordPress users. Let your band enjoy a community.


DiscographyView Plugin

If you have a lot of music under your belt already, the Discography plugin is what will suit you, as it will let organize releases using just this single plugin, and create separate pages for each song or release.

Tumblr Importer

Using the Tumblr Importer for Word press you can directly import posts from a Tumblr blog and work on it on your Word Press format. Tumblr Importer is a handy social network tool for Word Press. With added networking capabilities, you could share music bits with more people and increase the chances of your fame going viral.

Grand FIA Gallery:

Grand FIA Gallery

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Grand FIAGallery allows you to create Word Press galleries for music pictures and video. This is a superb Media gallery tool and allows for many options to share files online. With appealing images for your band, you are bound to create a great impression.

Vixy YouTubeEmbed:

Vixy You Tube Embed

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Using the Vixy YouTube Embed plugin you can embed YouTube videos into your blogs and articles when creating content on Word Press. This tool also allows you to download YouTube videos directly on to your computer. Also, with videos embedded on pages, viewers will have convenient access to your jamming sessions’ videos.

Visitor Mailer:

Visitor MailerView Plugin

Here’s a handy Plugin for Word Press that allows you to receive monthly or weekly emails from visitors to your site, blog or article. This is a great feedback tool for Word Press and is easy to use and quick to download.

Stream Video Player:

Stream Video Player

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Using the Stream Video Player plugin for Word Press you can publish high-quality videos for web or IOS. This plugin is an additional video and media publishing tool for Word Press. This one’s a winner for bands.

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