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Top Calendar Plugins for WordPress

WordPress is the most popular content management system for a reason – the added benefits that you get. The options of plug-ins that are WordPress compatible are countless. Adding to the list of features that you can include to your website, is a calendar.

This plugin adds scheduling features to your website. If you are in the business of hospitality and require visitors to book online by providing a calendar system, then these plugins are a definite for you:

WordPress Events Calendar

Wordpress Events Calendar

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To add an outstanding event calendar for your entire website or every single page, install this WordPress Events Calendar that you can find at CodeCanyon. The site possessors can customize the calendar and with the Upcoming Events Widget, users can even display all the upcoming events that are added onto the website.

Booking Calendar:

Booking Calendar

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Any website that has its users checking for availability, confirmation of booking as well as making payments should look into this plugin. This helps customers not only check and confirm their booking but also go a step further and make their payment. This plugin is connected to an online paying system.

Events Calendar:

Events Calendar

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This plugin permits the administrator as well as users to pin events on your website. A benefit of this plugin is an integration with Google Maps, so you can pin it as well as map it. The WordPress plugin also comes with add-ons that you can play around with.

Calendarize it for WordPress:


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This plugin is not meant for a specific industry but has been made to cater to a plethora of needs. This gives you access to Google Maps, making event calendars, create individual calendars, sidebar widget for events, listing of events and venues, etc.

CalPress Event Calendar:

CalPress Event Calendar

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This plugin is known for its end user interface. It is easy to use and has the added benefit of integration with Facebook. It is an all purpose plugin for events which permits multiple calendar views.

Timetable for WordPress:

Timetable for WordPress

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Amongst the people who might use this plugin are those organizing conferences and related events. It helps lists out timings for every day along with descriptions for each. This plugin is an appealing manner to showcase your event.



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This is an all-in-one event calendar. The options that this plugin provides you with respect to viewing your calendar, makes this a good option. You can create mini calendars, big calendars as well as event lists. It has easy options for recurring events and multiple dates.

Events Planner:

Events Planner

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Creating a countdown for events is a popular way of grabbing your readers’ attention. This is exactly what this plugin does. It is a PHP library for calculating the exact time period between dates up to the last second. It is very easy to install and use with the added benefit of changing the way you look at the time!

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