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Shopping Comparison WordPress Plugin

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WP e-Commerce Compare Products is the only compare products Plugin for WP e-Commerce. It uses the existing WP e-Commerce Product Categories and Product Variations for creating Compare Product Features for the products. Users can add products and view the Comparison in a compare this pop up screen. A side bar Compare basket has been created for the purpose. These products may be added to the shopping cart.

This plugin will work with any kind of theme which has the WP e-Commerce plugin installation and activation. Compare Categories and Comparable Features are auto created for all existing Product categories and Variations. Compare Master Category is auto updated with Compare features. This plugin has flexible features and you can add any number of custom Compare features and categories.

Online shoppers usually look for a good quality compare products feature. By installing the WP e-Commerce compare products on your WP e-Commerce store, you can increase your sales.

The Premium version gives added functionality to the plugin. The upgrade is totally faultless. Nothing is changed when you upgrade this plugin. After upgrading all the PRO features of compare products it is seen that the Lite version dashboard are activated. It means that you can set up, activate and also use the free version totally risk free.

There is a pot file for translations in languages folder. This plugin is a download version 2.0.3 To install WP e-Commerce Compare Products, first download the WP e-Commerce Compare Products Plugin. Next you need to upload the WP e-Commerce compare products folder to the /wp-content/plugins/directory. Now activate the WP e-Commerce Compare Products seen in the Plugins menu in WordPress.

There are two versions of this plugin, the Pro version and the Lite version. Users can download either of them as per their needs and requirements.

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