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With the help of this Plug-in, the commenting system in place in Facebook is integrated with the WordPress site. Suppose a user is logged in to Facebook viewing a comment, he/she would be able to post his/her own comments through the Facebook profile. The features of this plug-in are as follows:

  • The styles can be modified to suit the user’s theme
  • The comments that would be displayed can be regulated
  • Provides the user with the option of posting his/her comments straight into the Facebook page
  • The comments are included in both, posts and pages
  • The order in which the comments are displayed can be chronological or the most recent ones
  • The comments made in Facebook can be clubbed with the comments made in WordPress and vice-versa. They can also be added anywhere in the WordPress theme
  • The comments made in WordPress can be concealed where Facebook comments are permitted
  • The count kept on comments apply both to Facebook and WordPress as well
  • The users are notified via E-mail whenever any comments are posted
  • Notifications on Facebook are also sent as and when a comment is posted

Facebook recently initiated a revised version of the commenting system in March last year. The Facebook Comments Plug-in allows the user to add the Facebook comment bar underneath the posts or pages in WordPress. Installation of this plug-in is also fairly simple.

  • Install the Plug-in directly from WordPress in the Plug-in page
  • Transfer the entire folder containing the Plug-in into the WordPress site
  • Visit the page and activate the Plug-in
  • Check for the settings in the Facebook settings are under the comments section
  • Select the Update option

Once the installation is complete, the user needs to make an application under the ambit of Facebook and give it a name of his/her choice. Then, he/she needs to connect it to the system of comments and chose the option Edit Settings. Next, the user needs to click on the tab of the website in the left corner of the page. Upon entering the URL of the website and the domain, select the Save Changes option.

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