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Affiliate Markets are one of the best ways to diversify a user’s online business ventures. WordPress is a supple platform which allows its users to establish E-commerce plug-ins and build up a store online within minutes of its initiation. I-Dev Affiliate is the prime marketing tracking plug-in. But for incorporating a similar plug-in with WordPress sites, Magic Affiliate is the perfect tracking plug-in for the user.

It is a wonderful Affiliate plug-in which can be a source of massive revenues for the user’s online ventures. The products are endorsed by a dedicated sales team which provides for a faster source of income without having to do any extra work. Priced at $79, it is an affordable and cheap plug-in which would also provide the user with limitless updates and support, that too for free.

The features of this Plug-in are as follows:

  • It is completely integrated with the Affiliate Plug-in in WordPress that diversifies the sale of your products from one person to a wide variety of customers. The user can make his payments under the ambit of the system, shifting to a different system is not necessary.
  • It has a user-friendly interface which allows the user to manage his Affiliates effectively and organize them according to his needs. Furthermore, it is attuned with WP Shopping Cart and Magic Members as well.
  •  Installing it and incorporating it into WordPress sites is a very elementary process. Magic Affiliate Plug-in shall serve the user with all the necessary data such as the number of clicks made, the revenue generated and the payments to be made in quick time, there is no delay.
  • Provides for a setting up of a 5 level high Affiliate structure.
  • Customizes messages, e-mails and signs up messages in the control panel
  • Recurring as well as individual commissions are supported and different Affiliates can be set for different commissions

Allows the user to insert loads of banners, flash banners, texts and messages instantly.

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