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Datafeed serves Beginners, Intermediates and Advanced marketers who are looking for ways to generate revenues from their online business ventures. It is a system wherein a user can develop and embed an Affiliate shop on the WordPress site by carefully evading thumping data feed folders, rehearsing programming languages and employing costly programmers.

Theoretically, if a user has access to a WordPress site, he/she can visit an Affiliate site, initiate a relationship, and download a data feed folder from the network thus transferring the file into the user’s site, creating pages and pages of content. One page containing data for a product are added to the WordPress site from an Affiliate network.

To install the Pop-shop plug-in:

  • Download the Plug-in and unzip the folder
  • Transfer the Pop-shop folder from the machine to the Plug-in folder in WordPress
  • Log into the user’s WordPress account
  • In the administration panel, click on plug-ins and activate the plug-in
  • In the administration panel, click on options and select Pop-shops
  • If the user does not have a Pop-shop account, it is advisable to create one and add it to the network Affiliate ID.
  • Select the products and begin generating revenues!

To troubleshoot the Plug-in: The plug-in installed might not be attuned to the version of the WordPress the user is using.

  • If the user is not able to log into his Pop-shops account, ensure that the host is CURL-enabled.
  • If the user is not able to observe the product popper, go to Options, Writing and Users and select Personal Options.
  • Some plug-ins do not work because they are incompatible with the version of the WordPress the user is employing. In such a scenario, it is advisable to refresh the cache of the browser

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