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Thirsty Affiliates is simply the best Affiliate Manager plug-in in WordPress. Developed by Josh Kohlbach, it is one of the easiest plug-ins to configure and use. The purpose behind the development of this plug-in in itself is pretty elementary. The fact that it incorporates most of the functions inherent in WordPress makes it an even more user-friendly plug-in.

It has a very friendly interface with little or no configurations to be done. Locating the saved links is not a matter of concern anymore. With the utilization of features such as categorize and search which are also present in WordPress, it indeed is a nice experience working with this plug-in.

The features of this Plug-in are as follows:

  • Built in Link Cloaker: It is a type of SEO technique wherein the material presented to the search engine and to the browser of the user are completely different. This enables the user to hide his real affiliate links and generate commissions. It allows the users to configure their links exactly the way they want it to be
  • Easy Link Categorization: It organizes all the links under one category which makes it easy to locate for future reference. It is very simple to handle and can give you the result of your desired link in seconds even if the user has a thousand links already stored on his page.
  • Backup: The user can backup all his links with the help of tools from WordPress backup files or plug-ins and can also put them in their weekly database backup which happens by default. It makes management of the user’s links pretty simple and does not intrude into your database as some other plug-ins do.
  • Images to Links: Another wonderful feature of Thirsty Affiliates is the provision of attaching images to the links, making it look attractive and also easy to remember.

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