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Top Booking Calendar WordPress Plugins

Booking Calendar WordPress plugins are utility WordPress plugins, which let you and your visitors schedule appointments online. These booking calendar plugins are easy to install, manage and customize. These plugins also create alerts on scheduled dates. Scheduled appointments and booked events will also be displayed on your WordPress site.

Users will be easily able to use these plugins to schedule appointments with your company. Specific booking calendar plugins also allot some unique specifications into your WordPress site.

Appointment Booking Calendar

Appointment Booking Calendar plugin

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Appointment Booking Calendar is a useful booking calendar WordPress plugin for accepting onsite bookings via a series of visible time-slots in a calendar. The widget’s booking form is connected to a PayPal payment process.

Booking Calendar Contact Form

Booking Calendar Contact Form plugin

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The Booking Calendar Contact Form is a widget through which you can create a useful and easy to access booking form or contact form with a reservation calendar. It will be linked to PayPal payment button. A customer can specify start and end dates with this reservation calendar.


Bookings plugin

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Bookings is a useful WordPress booking calendar widget that lets you offer online booking services on your WordPress site. You can easily add and manage blackout times to restrict reservations. This widget is easy to set up and access on your WordPress site.

AppointPress: Online Appointment Booking and Scheduling

Online Appointment Booking and Scheduling plugin

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AppointPress is a sturdy appointment booking program that you can integrate on your WordPress site. This appointment booking widget is ideal for professionals and online service providers. Visitors can easily book appointments with you through this widget.

CP Reservation Calendar

CP Reservation Calendar plugin

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CP Reservation Calendar is an easy to use booking calendar WordPress widget. It allows visitors to specify check-in and check-out dates. The calendar also facilitates specifications of complete days and partial days reservations. It also creates an accessible booking form linked with payment options.

Booking Calendar: Clockwork SMS

Booking Calendar Clockwork SMS plugin

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The Booking Calendar: Clockwork SMS WordPress widget lets you forward notifications to your site’s administrator via SMS when a booking is made or appointment is scheduled. An SMS will also be sent to specified visitors as a confirmation alert of their booking and a reminder alert before the booking is initiated.

Appointment Calendar

Appointment Calendar plugin

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Appointment Calendar is a useful appointment booking WordPress widget. You can receive appointment bookings over your WordPress website or blog. This widget is easy to install and manage.

Online Scheduling and Appointment Booking

Online Scheduling and Appointment Booking plugin

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Online Scheduling and Appointment Booking provides simple and accessible appointment scheduling procedures. Your customers can easily schedule appointments with you and the widget also provides a link to payment processes.

WebReserv Embedded Booking Calendar

WebReserv Embedded Booking Calendar plugin

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The WebReserv Embedded Booking Calendar lets you accept online reservations and appointments from your WordPress site directly. This plugin lets you simply incorporate WebReserv booking calendar into your WordPress site.

Scheduler/ Event Calendar

Scheduler Event Calendar plugin

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Scheduler/Event Calendar is an easily accessible and useful event calendar WordPress plugin that offers scheduling interface based on Ajax, which is similar to that of Google event Calendar. This plugin lets you manage multiple and single user events, display any sort of appointments and events and insert a category of upcoming events and specific dates on a sidebar widget.

Booking Manager

Booking Manager plugin

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The Booking Manager is a utility WordPress plugin, which will display present, old and pending bookings and events from Booking Calendar. Booking Manager is an easy to install and organize WordPress plugin.


Bookitme plugin

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The Bookitme plugin allows you to add onsite time sheet appointments or bookings and reservations. It is an easy, handy WordPress booking calendar plugin. You can easily incorporate this WordPress plugin into your WordPress site, pages or posts.

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