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Top 10 Birthday WordPress Plugins

WordPress Birthday Plugin is innovative plugins, which is incorporated into WordPress sites will look creative. These are simple and easy to use funny plugins that can be utilized to interact with your buddies and wish them on their birthdays. These plugins are customizable plugins that create birthday alerts and incorporate utility specifications into your WordPress sites.

These birthday WordPress plugins are easy to install and manage. You can render your WordPress site a decorative outlook with these plugins.

TDLC Birthdays

TDLC Birthdays plugin

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TDLC Birthdays is a utility WordPress plugin that establishes multi-instance birthday widget, which you may easily utilize at your BuddyPress pages. After you have formed a datebox field within BP profiles and implanted it into the TDLC Birthdays settings, this utility WordPress widget will showcase a list of BuddyPress users or simply the connected user’s buddies’ birthdays as well as upcoming birthdays.

Blog Birthday

Blog Birthday plugin

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Blog Birthday is a well-designed and simple WordPress birthday plugin that displays a creative message on admin on users’ blog birthday. This plugin is easy to set up and it displays automatic or customized messages with accuracy. It is a very creative plugin inspired by @TwBirthday on Twitter.

WP Birthday Users

WP Birthday Users plugin

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The WP Birthday Users plugin will integrate extra fields in users’ profiles. A user can fill in their birthday in these additional fields. You can also customize its settings. You may choose if you want fellow users to be able to view your birthday. This plugin will produce an ICAL-folio after being saved. It may also be included in several calendar plugins and programs.

WDO Birthdays

WDO Birthdays plugin

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The WDO Birthdays is a creative WordPress birthday plugin that showcases birthdays of the current day via this simple widget. Users may also choose to hide their birthdays by altering the settings of this widget. The plugin also facilitates an active customer support system.

Baby Age

Baby Age plugin

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Baby Age is a utility WordPress birthday plugin, which will display your baby’s birthday on your WordPress site. It displays a simple message at your site on the day of your birthday. Baby Age is a creative plugin through which you can specialize your baby’s birthday on your WordPress site.


DDay plugin

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DDay is a very interesting WordPress birthday plugin. The countdown functions in two different ways, for past and future events. The widget showcases events, which are maximum 96 days old and upcoming events that are to take place within 43 days. It is a utility widget to showcase past and upcoming celebrations.

Timeline Calendar

Timeline Calendar plugin

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Timeline Calendar is a customizable WordPress event plugins. You can add your customized events on the widget’s wall. You can integrate events with specific PHP coding into your template. This widget will display birthdays and other events on the specified dates.

Easy Calendar

Easy Calendar plugin

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Easy Calendar is a handy WordPress birthday plugin. The widget utilizes .ini folios in order to store your specified dates. Accessing .ini files and sorting out information is much easier than sorting out detailed data from the database, which is more time-consuming. The widget will display all your specified events including your birthdays.

Spider Flash Calendar

Spider Flash Calendar plugin

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Spider Flash Calendar is a useful WordPress event widget. It displays all your specified events on accurate dates. The widget displays multiple specified events. It is highly configurable and customizable. This plugin is easy to install and you can easily specify events.

Countdown Timer

Countdown Timer plugin

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Countdown Timer is a countdown WordPress widget that lets you specify dates to countdown away or to from. You can insert events into the sidebar through the widget. You can even insert or specify events in pages or posts. The plugin supports over 22 languages.


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