How to Incorporate BuddyPress to WordPress

BuddyPress, a popular social networking WordPress plugin will allow you to register and start interacting with your friends by making connections. The BuddyPress users can even create profiles, send messages and interact with people within the groups. This plugin creates a social network for the website by assisting you in creating communities either for your company, school or any other community of different niches.

BuddyPress is a series of plugins that quickly transforms the ordinary WordPress blog into an effective and fully functional social channel when installed on the theme. This plugin is compatible with all kinds of themes powered by WordPress CMS. Besides sending messages and creating user profiles, you can further take part in the forum discussion and create new groups to attract other users.

The entire functionality of the website powered by BuddyPress can be further enhanced by adding few external add-ons. On installing the BuddyPress on company’s website, the employees within in company can utilize as the internal communication channel to communicate with each other.

Key Features of BuddyPress:

The BuddyPress plugin comes loaded with few spectacular features that are listed below.

Activity Streams – it’s an advanced feature that updates you by providing the information related to recent activity performed by other users on the website.

Managing Profiles of Users – the registered users on your website can create new profiles and update their profile at regular times by adding email address, photos and other personal details.

Group Discussion Forums – the members of site can initiate new group discussions based on the topic of their interest and you must even install a ‘bbPress’ plugin to help the site members by providing discussion forums.

Friend System – the site’s registered users can send the requests to other members within the community or they receive requests from friends.

Messaging – this plugin even offers a private messaging system that helps you in having privacy while communicating with other users.

Steps for Installing BuddyPress:

The process of installing BuddyPress is similar to all other plugins and BuddyPress installation requires few additional steps to make sure that the plugin is adaptable with the theme that is pre-installed on the website.

To install BuddyPress successfully on the website, you must ensure that the hosting service provider will let them enable the pretty permalinks.

Users Have to Follow the Below Instructions to Install it.

  • The first task that you need to execute is to login to the WordPress Dashboard and then click the Plugin menu, from where they need to select the ‘Add New’ option.

Add BuddyPress to WordPress

  • Later, a search box gets appeared from where you have to choose ‘term’ as the key search option and then you must type the word ‘BuddyPress’ and press the ’search plugins’ tab to initiate the search.
  • The plugin named ‘BuddyPress’ gets displayed in search listings and you need to just select it and the WordPress will carry out next steps to install this plugin in the repository.

Add BuddyPress to WordPress

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