How to Add Banner Ads to WordPress

If you want to make some money off your products and the services that you offer, you need publicity for the same. But ads in TVs and newspapers or other print media are very expensive, so how do you promote your services or services? Banner Ads are the answer.

Banner Ads provide you with the option of promoting your products and services to people that you would never be able meet in person or to places that you might not be able to travel to, easily. Just place them on your WordPress website and anyone, anywhere in the world, whenever he accesses your website will be able to view the ad.

It is not at all that hard to insert a banner ad to your WordPress website and here is an easy method that you can use to add banner ads to your WordPress sidebar.

Go to the Dashboard and create the ad page that you want to display on your sidebar. Upload the image that you want to display in your ad and paste it on the ad page. Add a link from the image to the website that features the product or services that you want to promote. Align the image to a position you prefer – left, right or center, and add the accompanying text beside or below the image. Copy the ad code in the HTML tab.

Wordpress Banner Ads

Now go to ‘Appearance’. From ‘Appearance’ select ‘Widgets’ and add a text widget to your sidebar. In the widget copy the ad code that you just created; there is option for specifying the title of the text widget, you can add a title or just leave it blank. And lo and behold! Your ad banner will be displayed on the sidebar of your WordPress website.

wordpress banner Adss

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