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In order to augment the security of WordPress sites and ensure protection to the site from hacking, various techniques and variety of plugins are used. Those who have websites in WordPress can provide maximum security to their sites by way of installing maximum security WordPress plugins. Ink theme offers a set of plugins and they ensure the safety and security of WordPress websites. The plugin named Invisible Defender maintains the websites spam-free.

This plugin ensures protection from both types of spam bots – generic and WordPress specific. By installing this plugin unsolicited signing up, signing in and comments are effectively prevented. The WP security scan plugin performs scanning of the entire installation. This plugin detects loopholes in security and offers effective solutions to fix them.

WP security scan plugin can be considered as a powerful Maximum Security WordPress Plugin. This plugin is rather a package that deals with weak passwords, security of the database and security of admin and hiding of the WordPress version etc. ‘Maximum security for WordPress’ plugin is a multipurpose hardcore security plugin.

This versatile plugin ensures very strong security to the website by way of defending the site from intrusions, blocking of contents that are harmful to search engine ranking and providing web application firewall with intrusion prevention system.


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Theme authentication checker (TAC) is another plugin from the above package that indicates requirement of theme clean up. This plugin detects malicious codes in all the themes that are installed by searching their source files. This plugin identifies path of the theme file and also denotes the line number of the code.

The ‘stealth login’ plugin protect the site from hackers who have stolen the passwords. By allowing creation of custom login URL this plugin makes it impossible for the hackers to get the original admin login page. By ensuring strong security to the websites all these plugins make the sites less vulnerable to hacking and other intrusions.

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