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WordPress Facebook feed plugin facilitates distribution of contents over a WP site and Facebook. Users have a comprehensive list of Facebook plugins for WP. The list of premium WordPress plugins provides information regarding more powerful plugins. Among the best Facebook plugins for WordPress ‘wordbook’ enables automatic posting of WP publications on the Facebook profile wall.

This plugin also pulls the images to display and also allow comments on the Facebook article. The users can import photo albums from Facebook to their WP blog with the help of the ‘Fotobook’ plugin. AJAX album panel is another feature of this plugin. Facebook friends can share the contents mutually by using the ‘Like’ plugin.

‘Facebook comments for WordPress’ is another WordPress Facebook feed plugin that enables readers to comment through their Facebook profile. This plugin integrates Facebook commenting into the user’s blog. Customization of this plugin is possible so as to display maximum number of comments with different look to the visitors.

The commentators also can post their comments to their Facebook profile. When a user wants to import updates RSS feed of his Facebook friend he can make use of the Facebook dashboard widget. This WP Facebook plugin absorb activity feed of the user also so that he can display the same on a dash board in his WordPress admin panel.

The WP Facebook plugin known as status press widget enables display of the Facebook status updates in the WordPress blog of the user. The ‘share on Facebook’ plugin enables the visitors to the site to share the content on FB. The link can be displayed by the admin as a button or a text or a Facebook icon.

Simple Facebook connect is another plugin that enables Facebook to login to the user’s WP blog. The readers can comment with their Facebook profile thanks to this plugin. Facebook fair statistics is the WP Facebook plugin that provides relevant data and charts regarding number of posts shared on Facebook, number of links as well a Facebook comments that were created etc. By customizing the Facebook fan box plugin the admin is able to change the appearance and also to limit the number of fans that are displayed.

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